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I read The Source: A Novel by James Michener a long time ago, so I might have some of this wrong, but…

It is a fun read, not actually religious as some might suggest. The story starts at the beginning and the end at the same time. The end involves a group of archaeologists digging down in a tel (called Tell Makor in the book, but I’m told it might be closest the the actual Tel Dan.) The beginning involves a family of pre-Neolithic people who invent agriculture and domesticate the dog. (I oversimplify, as does in that are, the author.) The rest of the story is a rough approximation of the Old Testament history.

Anyway, relatively cheap for Kindle* (2.99) right now.

I should also mention* that The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, is still cheap ($4.99).

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2 thoughts on “The Source Cheap

  1. The Source an Excellent novel having a feeling of realism which makes one consider how valid are claims of ownership of territory. I read this book when a teenager and searched out a copy just a couple of years ago to read again.


    This post reminds me to look out other novels by Michener.

    Good to be back after my ISP blocked this site for reasons unknown. One guess, maybe, is the name of the blog owner.

  2. My SSL – https plugin updated itself, and broke. I think it may have been an effort to attract attention so it could tell me to get the updated unfree version. At some point I’ll probably figure out how it actually works, ditch the plugin, and do it manually (I assume that is possible).

    When that happened, one or more of the “safe browsing” plugins freaked. In my opinion, those safe browsing plugins are dangerous and obnoxious and should not be used, but people do use them.

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