How to reverse global warming

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The book* Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming edited by Paul Hawken is a must have resource if you want to have useful conversations, and carry out effective activism, related to Global Warming. I actually recommend you get the print version, but at the moment, the Kindle version available cheap (at least in the US) so I wanted to let you know about it. Two bucks, and also, lower carbon footprint (on the other hand, books are carbon sinks, right?)

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3 thoughts on “How to reverse global warming

  1. Did you see this when I tweeted it the other day – it’s huge? The private company they are investing, Eavor, in is a Canadian one from Alberta that has pioneered a new way of doing geothermal that does not involve any fracking nor does it pollute water tables/sources. It’s a closed loop system that makes use of abandoned/dead Oil and Gas wells. Solves two problems at once. It may turn out to be a big factor in zero carbon energy

    1. This could be great. I hope deep geothermal can get up into the double digit range over the next decade.

  2. me too – reduces the intermittent supply and battery requirements for an ever growing wind/solar/tidal energy mix. They’ve been running a test plant in Alberta for a few years and I believe they have a couple of commercial installations now. For me it holds great promise – hope I live long enough to see it flourish.

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