2020: The Year in Review

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18 thoughts on “2020: The Year in Review

  1. Thanks for your work on this blog! It has informed, entertained and warned me this year, and I greatly appreciate it.

    1. So there’s your top 10, with the caveat that it was hard — perhaps impossible — to narrow down that number in a satisfying manner, since Trump has done unbelievably stupid crap virtually every single day for four years. But that’s why the internet gods invented social media and comment sections, so you can add your own to the list!

      Could not agree more.

    2. After hearing all of the false accusations rickA and mikeN had about President Obama and his attack on the country — ’cause, you know, he wasn’t white, so therefore was an enemy — I’m a little surprised we haven’t seen similar comments from them about the call for sedition trump is making over his (false) accusations about vote fraud. Perhaps they’re busy writing letters condemning his comments and urging republicans to ditch the plans cruz and his scummy friends are discussing about protesting the count this week.

      Or maybe they’re hoping this dismantling of democracy by the people they support will work. Since it’s a dishonest attempt by trump’s folks, they probably are supporting it.

  2. So trump lobbied the sec of state in georgia to invent enough votes to change the outcome of the state’s election. When do the rantings of a common grifter move to advocating criminal behavior (as if his calling for violence by his white supremacist and neo-nazi supporters hadn’t already crossed that line)?

    “There’s nothing wrong with saying, you know, um, that you’ve recalculated.”


    1. That story has almost 30,000 comments on the Washington Post. I’ve looked at a lot of Post stories. That’s the highest tally I remember.

    2. That story has almost 30,000 comments on the Washington Post. I’ve looked at a lot of Post stories. That’s the highest tally I remember.

      That’s because there hasn’t been a president who’s done so much damage, or committed so many illegal acts, in years.

      I thought the worst presidents I’d see in my life had already come and gone: LBJ, for sending thousands of of boys to die in Vietnam even though he and his people knew it was a lost cause, Nixon, for interfering in the Paris Peace talks to get the Vietnamese team to pull out early after he promised them they’d get a better deal from him when he was elected (put LBJ here again for deciding not to make the fact of this public prior to the 68 election even though he had the evidence), as well as Nixon’s use of the FBI and CIA to spy on citizens, the support of dictators and overthrowing democracies in south America, support of genocides in Pakistan and Camboia (remember Henry Kissinger saying to Thailand’s foreign minister that he “should tell [the KR] that we bear no hostility towards them. We would like them to be independent as a counterweight to North Vietnam.” Kissinger added that he “should also tell the Cambodians that we will be friends with them. They are murderous thugs, but we won’t let that stand in our way. We are prepared to improve relations with them.”), and Watergate. Reagan goes on the list too, for many of the same reasons as Nixon, but also for showing the right that racism could be a useful political weapon.

      Trump has rocketed into that list. The only thing we can be thankful for is that he was surrounded by fools (hand picked pools). If he had picked people who were more skilled in doing evil — like Nixon’s people — we’d be screwed forever.

  3. Thanks. I know a good bit about Kissinger but I didn’t know what he said about the Khmer Rouge.

    And yes, Trump is one for the record books — our bigliest shame.

    This morning, the tally of comments on that story has reached 37.7 k.

    1. An interesting note: it’s come out that the reason Raffensperger recorded the call with the president is that Lindsey Graham had, during the election, pressured him to throw out legitimate votes. Graham, of course, denied it. After that, with trump’s history of lying about things he had been recorded as saying (denying he’d defended white supremacists and neo-nazis, denying he’d mocked a handicapped journalist for two examples) they knew that without a record trump would deny their side of the phone call story.

      I’m sure mcconnell, cruz, and the rest of those crap bags will be on TV voicing their outrage over this attempt at trump’s attempt to sabotage a fair election soon.

      (not really: they’ve long ago demonstrated their complete lack of integrity. Best comment about cruz I’ve heard is this: “To cruz the Constitution is just like his wife: something he’ll talk about honoring but won’t defend.”)

  4. It is clear, or should be by now, that Trump is mentally unhinged, insane, a raving lunatic etc. who needs to be removed from the presidency asap by Congress. I always thought that his narcissism bordered on malignant insanity, but he is clearly certifiable now. But let’s not kid ourselves: the Republican Party has enabled this monstrosity of a human to conjure up lie after lie that the election was rigged. Trump is simply exhibiting a pathology that was bred into him by his authoritarian father: that winning isn’t everything, it’s the ONLY thing (to paraphrase coach Vince Lombardi). Trump will lie, cheat, deceive, and swindle to get his way if it means winning, and scum like Gohmert, Cruz, Johnson and other proto-fascist Republican Congressman and Senators are fueling Trump’s lies by supporting an election that they damned well know Trump lost. They are simply stoking his death cult white supremacist base in the hopes of co-opting it for their own vile political ambitions.

    I am hardly surprised that the two usual suspects on this blog that supported the hideous orange reptile have been notably absent for weeks now. They ought to be humiliated along with the 74 million others who voted for a complete ignoramus. Trump and the Republicans aim to take the US back to the Jim Crow era of white supremacy, disenfranchisement of minority voters, anti-science and the Handmaid’s Tale. My biggest fear is what the orange maniac is going to do in the last 16 days of his warped, repugnant presidency. The closer it comes to Biden’s inauguration, the more damage he is capable of inflicting on institutions and democracy. His epic petulant temper tantrum is chilling to behold. Again, the man needs deep psychiatric treatment. That he was actually elected as POTUS is shocking, given his mental state.

    1. They ought to be humiliated along with the 74 million others who voted for a complete ignoramus. Trump and the Republicans aim to take the US back to the Jim Crow era of white supremacy, disenfranchisement of minority voters…

      But the rot goes deeper and wider as the voting franchise has been skewed to aid those with already to much power. Here is an excellent article on that topic:

      Trump is trying to thwart democracy itself. But the problem is deeper than one man

      Of course similar is happening in many countries across the globe. Unfortunately humanity is going to learn too late that it is killing the goose that lays the eggs and that you cannot eat gold, diamonds or bit-coins.

  5. So now, at trump’s urging, terrorists are on the Capitol steps and some are inside fighting for their coup. This is the conclusion of the policies trump pushed and the right wing — rickA and mikeN among them — supported. I’m sure they’re all proud of of it.

    1. I do not support the criminals who broke into the capital building.

      I did not support the Portland criminals and I do not support the DC criminals.

      I hope they arrest all the people who broke into the capital building(s) and charge them.

      Protesting is one thing – but breaking the law is something else entirely.

    1. rickA’s comment rings hollow — today was the endpoint of the policies he championed since trump was elected. His “condemnation” is no more sincere than the ones you’ll hear from cruz, trump, and the rest of the neo-nazi loving clowns he supports.

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