Do read “People of the Book”

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And I mention this now because it is dirt cheap on Kindle.

People of the Book: A Novel, by Geraldine Brooks, is one of my favorite books. The focal character is a book restorer, brought in to examine and work with a book that has an incredible recent, and ancient, history. Inspired in part by a real event, this book takes the reader through history and across Europe and North Africa. So cheap on Kindle you would be crazy to not get it.

Speaking of this author, Geraldine Brooks also has another book, Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague, about a 17th century village on pandemic lock-down. I haven’t read it, but I thought for some reason it might be worht noting.

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2 thoughts on “Do read “People of the Book”

    1. “I see I left out World War Z the book”

      I found it far more interesting than the film, starting with Max Brooks being Mel Brooks’ son. I liked the format too. My older son, who got me to read the book and watch the movie, had opinions exactly opposite mine.

      The movie could have been good, but the required writing just wasn’t there.

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