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I’m on the committee that creates proposed resolutions for grassroots activists to bring to their Minnesota DFL caucuses (DFL is code for “Democratic Party” here). Here are the resolutions we just finished, in case you are interested. Maybe some of them will apply to your particular politico-activist context!

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One thought on “Our Resolutions…

  1. A lot of good thought went in those resolutions Greg, well done. One problem I see with electrification of transportation is the actual cost to buy a fully electric vehicle. Even hybrids are expensive and there you don’t have the environmental benefit of full electric. Massive subsidies based on the ability to pay will be needed in order to get the lower end of the economic spectrum fully onboard.

    The cost to mitigate and adapt to rising seas, poor air quality, ecosystem collapse, extreme weather, floods, droughts, extreme heat and humidity, loss of biodiversity, forest fires, spread of infectious diseases, and invasive species dwarfs the cost of changing course and will increase dramatically.

    This is a point I’ve hammered home in many conversations over the years. The cost of delayed action will far outpace the cost of doing what needs to be done now.

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