Bjorn Lomborg’s Little Idea

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Bjorn Lomborg is famous for downplaying the importance of climate change, and the urgency of acting on it. I don’t know anyone who quite understands why he does this. If you want to know more about him, click here.

You will remember his comment a while back about how sea levels actually went down for a while, but nobody ever talks about that. He was wrong. Sea levels are rising over time, but they do go up and down within that larger framework. His sea level comment prompted me to create the following graphic:

Lomborg’s latest is to make the incorrect claim that the recent and ongoing unprecedented, traumatic, and destructive fires in Australia are just kind of average. Nothing to see here. His claim is based on a misrepresentation of cherry picked data. Australia does have a lot of fire, so it is easy to find a way to describe this year’s as not abnormal. What is different, and worse, this year is where the fires happened, the kind of habitat that burned, and the timing. (See this.) The Twitter thread that Lomborg started, and many others chimed in on, is here.

And, here is the graphic I could not resist making in response. I’ve replaced the Picard Face-palm with the Greta Stern Look. This might be a thing from now on.

The graphic used in that image is a screen shot from this video:

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7 thoughts on “Bjorn Lomborg’s Little Idea

  1. Very appropriate, Greg.

    Lomborg is just one of the many charlatans trying to make capital out of this fire. We don’t need it. We’ve enough on our hands with the fires, and have been dealing with a few other unscrupulous scammers not unlike Lomborg who seek to profit from disaster in one way or another.

  2. I’ll see your dishonesty from Lomborg and raise you simple massive stupidity by Rand Paul, another ass-clown that doesn’t believe humans can influence a world’s climate.

    Despite climate alarmist predictions, humans will likely survive for hundreds of millions of years into the future. In the meantime, we should begin creating atmospheres on suitable moons or planets.

    1. He might be right. The only fairly common species to survive for hundreds of millions of years as far as I know is E. coli.

    2. My point: he doesn’t believe we are altering our planer’s climate but believes we can do it on another planet.

    3. In order to create a habitable atmosphere the planet/moon on which this is being done requires a magnetically-dynamic core. The only candidate that would also include a survivable temperature (including the presence of a greenhouse effect) is Mars, and its core has frozen and therefore no longer has a magnetic dynamo.

      Therefore “suitable” = 0.

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