How to write a great political action thriller

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Just follow this outline, change the names and places (a little), and you are good to go.

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4 thoughts on “How to write a great political action thriller

  1. It could be adapted to the Syria debacle (as a short story), the big winner at the end of the story being, of course, Putin, the darling of the Faux News bimbos. Rachel Maddow and the women who figured prominently in the impeachment witness parade make Trump and his Trumpkins look pathetic by comparison. Just think; if it wasn’t for the electoral college we would have a smart, able president now instead of the moronic Putin puppet we now have. Not the best idea the framers of the Constitution had. States (and corporations) aren’t real in the way that people are and shouldn’t be rated so highly.

  2. “Republicans are warming to Putin.”

    Sure, what’s not to like for American self-proclaimed patriots about a dictator that invades a neighboring country using the same rationale that Hitler used to annex the Sudetenland, assassinating perceived enemies in other countries (U.K. and Germany), and interfering with — and perhaps winning — an American election.

    1. I notice from the Politico article (link in Doug Alder’s post) that our right-wing real Christians are a good part of this rise in Putin’s popularity. They are enamored of Putin because of his anti-gay stance. For them he’s become a conservative hero.

      A lot of the anti-science (evolution, AGW, etc.) and anti-equal rights activity (re women, people of color, gays, moslems, atheists, immigrants) in the U. S. has its roots in that same fertile soil.

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