The Mysterious Russian Nuclear Disaster

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Are you following this story from Russia? The Russians lied about it numerous time, and I don’t think we can expect them to ever tell the truth. But it appears to have been a test of a highly improbably weapon (a nuclear powered missile) that resulted in either an explosion that shoved a lot of radioactive material into the atmosphere, or an actual but accidental nuclear explosion.

A village was ordered to be evacuated. Then they cancelled the evacuation.

There is evidence that the bodies of the slain scientists, and/or others injured at the site, who were blasted in the explosion, were so radioactive that the doctors that attended to them also need to be treated. It also may be the case that the nuclear device is in the sea and needs to be recovered.

This is a real mess.

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1 thought on “The Mysterious Russian Nuclear Disaster

  1. Yeah, this went from them claiming it was just a cruise missile engine exploding. The first one I saw assigned it to an explosion of their hypersonic missile, then to an explosion of some nasty fuel used for the rockets. The nuclear stuff came later. The fact that the five fatalities were from their Los Alamos type lab does indicate it was something important.

    I saw an article that had the following statement.

    A likely candidate for an alternate explanation would be Poseidon, announced by Putin last year alongside Burevestnik (the hinted at nuclear cruise missile). Poseidon is an underwater drone packed with a large nuclear bomb. It is intended to crawl up to a coastline and detonate, causing massive damage. An another possible explanation is an underwater atomic battery for Russian seafloor infrastructure.

    Is that the underwater reference you had?

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