ALERT!! cPanel is ruining the Internet!

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cPanel is a widely used front end used on servers for people to operate things like their blog, email system, other web related functions, etc. It is a way to avoid using the command line. So, for instance, you might buy into a hosing package, and that may allow you to set up a WordPress site. Your host give you the info to log into your own cPanel. There, you press the “one click install” button and whoosh, you have a web site.

cPanel is great because it does things that are critically important in a way that most users can mange.

cPanel sucks because it does that job, sure, but in a way that ends up confusing most users. In other words, the only way to use cPanel unless you already know what you are doing is if you have careful step by step instructions for using cPanel. So, it is only slightly better than the command line.

And now, cPanel has decided to dramatically raise its cost to the extent that most hosts that use cPanel now will have to jettison it or charge more.

I’m letting you know so you can be mad at cPanel. Also, if you know of any OpenSource or reasonably priced alternatives, let’s hear about it.

My personal favorite for alternative: SSH and cli. But I think more is needed.

That is all.

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3 thoughts on “ALERT!! cPanel is ruining the Internet!

  1. Oh that suck bad. When I had my own server I loved cPanel – the GUI made setting up new domains, SSL, DKIM and much more so much easier than doing it via the CLI.

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