What do we need men for? Including Donald Trump?

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My FBFF E. Jean Carroll has a new book coming out, What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal. You’ve heard about her, and the book, and related matters because Donald Trump’s apparent first degree rape of Ms. Carroll, several years ago, is in the news today, and for a story about Trump to vie for bigness among all the other stories, let alone being noticed at all, it must be amazing.

From the Publisher:

When E. Jean Carroll?possibly the liveliest woman in the world and author of Ask E. Jean in Elle Magazine ? realized that her eight million readers and question-writers all seemed to have one thing in common?problems caused by men?she hit the road. Criss-crossing the country with her blue-haired poodle Lewis Carroll, E. Jean stopped in every town named after a woman between Eden, Vermont and Tallulah, Louisiana to ask women the crucial question: What Do We Need Men For?

E. Jean gave her rollicking road trip a sly, stylish turn when she deepened the story, creating a list called “The Most Hideous Men of My Life,” and began to reflect on her own sometimes very dark history with the opposite sex. What advice would she have given to her past selves?as Miss Cheerleader USA and Miss Indiana University? Or as the fearless journalist, television host and eventual advice columnist she became? E. Jean intertwines the stories of the outspoken people she meets on her road trip with her own history of bad behavior (from mafia bosses, media titans, boyfriends, husbands, a serial killer, and others) creating a decidedly dark yet hopeful, hilarious and thrilling narrative. Her answer to the question What Do We Need Men For? will shock men and delight women.

Carroll is also the author of HUNTER: The Strange and Savage Life of Hunter S. Thompson which I mention now because you can get that book on Kindle for two bucks, and you should. You should get both.

Here is an interview you will want to watch:

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5 thoughts on “What do we need men for? Including Donald Trump?

  1. This is the second time you deleted my links.

    Obviously you’re admitting that I’ve completely DESTROYED you and your lickspittle fans.

    1. This from the subliterate clown who cannot understand a simple definitional distinction.

      It should be funny, but it’s just depressing, really.

    2. BBD,

      Why doesn’t it bother you that Greg Laden is deciding *for you* what information you can see?

      I would be insulted. But then again, as a conservative I’m used to thinking for myself.

  2. Locus, there are things you post that are not allowed here, links to fake sites or damaging sites, etc. Otherwise I generally let your comments through. But, your past behavior has been so bad that all of your comments are held in moderation until I look at them, and oddly enough, that is low on my priority list of things to do.

    So, this is not a case of your being repressed as you like to claim, or anyone thinking for anyone else. It is a case of you being an unfiltered, unmitigated, bad actor who is essentially on probation because of your abominable behavior.

    I have told you this multiple times but you continue to profess the lie that it is not true.

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