It’s Biden, Sanders, Warren, no wait, Warren pulls ahead by a nose…

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In THIS poll, Warren, passes Sanders in new poll. In the all that apply question: Which candidate or candidates are you considering voting for in the Democratic Presidential primary or caucus in your state in 2020? (Select all that apply)

Biden – 50
Warren – 45
Harris – 39
Sanders – 38
Buttigieg – 34

In the “Pick one to vote for” question:

Biden 26
Warren 16
Sanders 12
Buttigieg 8
Harris 6

In THIS poll, Sanders holds off Warren

Biden 30
Sanders 19
Warren 15
Buttigieg 8
Harris 7

That poll also did matchups. Biden beats Trump 53-40, Sanders 51-42, Harris 49-41, Warren 49-42, and Buttigieg and Booker 47-42.

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