Warren; Biden; Sanders; Harris; Buttigieg, in that order

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More evidence that this is a race between Warren, Biden, Sanders, Harris, Buttigieg, with everybody else (including O’Rourke) not so much.

A straw poll in North Carolina yesterday produced this result:

Warren – 55
Biden – 44
Sanders – 40
Harris – 26
Buttigieg – 22
Booker – 7
O’Rourke 5
Castro, abbard, Gillibrand, Other 2 or 3

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One thought on “Warren; Biden; Sanders; Harris; Buttigieg, in that order

  1. As I said elsewhere, I’d be happy to see any P/VP combination of Warren, Buttigeig, Inslee and Bennet.


    Biden and Sanders just need to bow out gracefully – their age is too much of a factor against them. Harris needs to bide her time, although I think that she’d be excellent now, and again I will reiterate that Warren needs to get some good voice coaching, because her frequent quavering stridency is an automatic barrier to many people otherwise actually listening to what she has to say.

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