Book Note: Preet Bharara Doing Justice

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This is available for pre-order and it is probably going to be great. I’ve not seen it, but Bharara was a highly accomplished SDNY prosecutor and here he is writing about that role. This isn’t about the Trump Crime Family prosecutions and investigations, as so many books these days are, but this may be an important book to read to understand the bigger picture. Thought you’d like to know about it.

Doing Justice: A Prosecutor’s Thoughts on Crime, Punishment, and the Rule of Law

Preet Bharara has spent much of his life examining our legal system, pushing to make it better, and prosecuting those looking to subvert it. Bharara believes in our system and knows it must be protected, but to do so, we must also acknowledge and allow for flaws in the system and in human nature.
The book is divided into four sections: Inquiry, Accusation, Judgment and Punishment. He shows why each step of this process is crucial to the legal system, but he also shows how we all need to think about each stage of the process to achieve truth and justice in our daily lives.
Bharara uses anecdotes and case histories from his legal career–the successes as well as the failures–to illustrate the realities of the legal system, and the consequences of taking action (and in some cases, not taking action, which can be just as essential when trying to achieve a just result).
Much of what Bharara discusses is inspiring–it gives us hope that rational and objective fact-based thinking, combined with compassion, can truly lead us on a path toward truth and justice. Some of what he writes about will be controversial and cause much discussion. Ultimately, it is a thought-provoking, entertaining book about the need to find the humanity in our legal system–and in our society.

By the way, for those who enjoyed this movie and/or book, Preet Bharara is the real life person of one of the key characters in it.

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One thought on “Book Note: Preet Bharara Doing Justice

  1. Prosecutor Bharara helped the citizens of NY state jail two of our most powerful and corrupt NY politicians: state assembly leader Sheldon Silver and state senate leader Dean Skelos (and Skelos’ son as a bonus). Without the help of the federal courts, this never could have occurred (at the state level), because these corrupt politicians held so much power, for so long, that no one in their respective parties dared to go up against them, and expect to remain relevant. Bharara was preparing to turn his attention next to ethically questionable activities of our governor, when he was removed by Trump. Prez 45 simply couldn’t chance keeping such an effective prosecutor around in a jurisdiction where Bharara could look into the Trump’s real estate deals worth many, many millions of dollars. So, he dumped him in typical Trump-style. Fortunately, new NY AG Letitia James has picked up where Bharara left off, and she kept on (former acting AG) Barbara Underwood to help look into the Trump family real estate dealings over the years. It should be interesting to see what they dig up.

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