Chrome as default browser in KDE Plasma: Getting it to stick

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Go ahead and chose “chromium” as the default browser in the “settings” application, and hit apply. That setting will likely stick, but Chrome will not be the default browser anyway. A bug in KDE Plasma prevents this, but you can drill down deeper into the configuration information and make it work:

Go to your settings tool.

Go to Configure File Associations

Filter the list for “html”

Find the entry for xhtml+xml and move “Chromium” to the top of the list.

Do the same for “html”

Hit “apply.”

Your problem is probably now solved.

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4 thoughts on “Chrome as default browser in KDE Plasma: Getting it to stick

  1. I use Chrome on Linux Mint. It quit working a while back, but hey, I’ve still got Firefox, so I went back to using it. After a year or so, I got tired of the minor annoyances I was getting from Firefox, so I looked around and found a hint that let me get Chrome working again. Probably very similar to your post here. I spent years fighting with Windows and I got thoroughly sick of it. I would use a Chromebook except I haven’t figured out how to run a C compiler there. I don’t want to learn anymore about how to make an OS do what I want. I just pick the one that does what I want with the least amount of mucking about.

    1. You’re a programmer AND you prefer Chromebook, but somehow you can’t make a C compiler work on it?

      Since the actual C compiler just works by default on really every linux distro for the past 30 years I suspect that you’re confusing C compiler with IDE.

      I think you should stick to Windows. It is perfect for you.

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