Climate change: Time to panic

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One point Jeff makes is one I’ve been saying for years: Our food supply can handle almost any given disaster, or a reasonable set of disasters. But when two or three disasters line up just right, and they will, all hell breaks out and that could mean somebody shooting your child so they can get food for their child. And that will be your fault.

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3 thoughts on “Climate change: Time to panic

  1. Are there any RICH people or politicians living in flood conditions? No! Then no need to worry or tell everyone that climate change is real!

    1. Actually, there are a great number of rich people living in flood-prone areas even now and more will be living in danger-prone places given the inevitable changes in rainfall patterns and, of course, the ongoing relentless rise in sea level. Rich people can build their dream homes where they choose and they often choose the seashore, hillsides where they can look over what they think of as “their world,” and scenic canyons. The first and third of these will be increasingly flood-prone and the second is a site where heavy rains can often produce mass movements of various kinds — none of them without danger.

      Just because one is rich, one does not necessarily become aware of geographic and geologic reality.

    2. What Tyvor said.

      Those with the privilege and luxury to de able to deny the implacable statistics of climate physics do so in complete ignorance of the fact that things only continue to be ammenable for an easy life until they don’t. It’s not the things that we prepare against that is the problem, it’s the suite of things about which we are blithely ignorant.

      All the bank and real estate shares in the world won’t prevent a country/regional/global scale climate disater from biting on their arses. the rich behind their gated walls.

      It’s coming – we just haven’t admitted it yet to ourselves. And because we didn’t admit it, we faffed around until it was too late…

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