Democratic Candidates for President: Round Two, The Bottom Tier

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I recently completed a Twitter based poll to rank the 35 or so potential Democratic Party candidates for president. Since who was paired with whom had a lot to do with determining the exact percentages, I chose to divide the results, most of which were triads of candidates in a single poll, into three tiers. The bottom tier includes the candidates who came in third in a given three way comparison. You can vote for them in the latest of my Twitter Polls.

The purposes of this project are two fold. One, to help us all educate ourselves on who these people are. So, along with this and other polls are information about the candidates. Not much information, but a little, and you can expand from there.

The second is to help us, somehow, and I’m not sure how we are going to do this exactly, have conversations about these potential Democratic POTUS candidates in a way that does not make us look like a bunch of simpering six-year-olds with teeth coming in. In other words, respectfully and intelligently. I know, that is asking a lot, but still, let’s try.

Here is a short YouTube clip for each of these candidates. This is your chance to go through them and make the argument that one or more of them should be left in the running. I’ve divided them arbitrarily into three groups, and only one from each group will go forard to Round Three

The three twitter polls are here:

Oprah Winfrey

Michael Bloomberg

John Delaney

Val Demmings

Tulsi Gabbard

Mitch Landrieu

Mark de Blasio

Claire McCaskill

Jeff Merkley

Tim Ryan

Sheryl Sandberg

By the way, in a straw poll reported by NBC News today, this happened:

Someone else/DK/other: 28.8 percent

Beto O’Rourke: 15.6 percent

Joe Biden: 14.9 percent

Bernie Sanders: 13.1 percent

Kamala Harris: 10 percent

Elizabeth Warren: 6.4 percent

Sherrod Brown: 2.9 percent

Amy Klobuchar: 2.8 percent

Michael Bloomberg: 2.7 percent

Cory Booker: 2.6 percent

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One thought on “Democratic Candidates for President: Round Two, The Bottom Tier

  1. Might be worth following what MoveOn is doing with their poll.

    They do have one celebrity you didn’t include: Howard Schultz. He hasn’t officially thrown his hat in the ring (and I think he might try and go third party if he did), but he certainly makes the right noises. You might want to add him to your poll. I think he’s more likely to run than Oprah or Sheryl Sandberg.

    This does raise the question of whether you think Bloomberg will go for the Democratic nomination or will just run third party as well. Everyone seems to be freaking out about so many Dem candidates (oh noes! We’ll up with a Trump!), but what if there are a multitude of third party candidates in the actual race? There is blood in the water.

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