A Stoker and Holmes volume at deep discount.

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Discounted on Kindle: The Chess Queen Enigma: A Stoker & Holmes Novel, part of a series by Colleen Gleason.

I know nothing about this series, but it looks like it is potentially worthy. Anyone read any of them? Let us know. The series follows two characters, Evaline Stoker, sister of Bram Stoker of Dracula fame, and Mina Holms, niece of Sherlock Holmes. So this qualifies as a member of the set of extended post-Doyle Holmes stories, I suppose. This is considered to be young adult fiction.

First in the series: The Clockwork Scarab: A Stoker & Holmes Novel

Second in the series: The Spiritglass Charade: A Stoker & Holmes Novel

Third in the series, currently discounted on Kindle: The Chess Queen Enigma: A Stoker & Holmes Novel:

Evaline Stoker and Mina Holmes never meant to get into the family business. But when you’re the sister of Bram and the niece of Sherlock, vampire hunting and mystery solving are in your blood, so to speak.

In this third installment of the Stoker and Holmes series, Evaline Stoker and Mina Holmes have reluctantly agreed to act as social chaperones and undercover bodyguards for Princess Lurelia of Betrovia, who has arrived in London to deliver a letter that details the secret location of an ancient chess queen that’s been missing for centuries. But when the letter—which will heal a centuries-old rift between England and the Betrovians—is stolen out from under Evaline and Mina’s watchful eyes, the two girls are forced into a high-stakes race to ensure they find the chess queen before anyone else does.

And the fourth one in the series is: The Carnelian Crow: A Stoker & Holmes Book (Stoker and Holmes 4).

Please note also that The Silmarillion is currently, again, on discount in Kindle form.

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