Investigate Science: Acadia Files

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Acadia Greene is a curious cartoon girl who runs around observing the natural world and conducting scientific investigations, in two recently released and very well done books by Katie Coppens, with illustrations by Holly Hatam:

The Acadia Files: Book One, Summer Science


The Acadia Files: Book Two, Autumn Science

The science is excellent, the topics covered are creatively chosen and presented, and the illustrations are engaging. These are for kids around 9-12 years of age, but would serve a wider range.

Topics include: “Why Leaves Change Color,” “Drinking Dinosaur Pee”, “Where Sand Comes From”, and “Tides and Gravity.”

Aside from the science lessons, there are life lessons, as Acadia learns to not troll people, and embrace things in the real world that are not ideal, such as the fact that the sun wakes you up in the morning or that things fall apart. I’m giving one or both of these to some kids this year.

I don’t think these books have won any awards yet, but they will.

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