Deck the halls with boughs of LEGOs!

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You may have heard of the famous The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book: 15 Designs to Spread Holiday Cheer. Now, there is a new edition out with all new ideas: The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book, Volume 2: 16 Designs to Spread Holiday Cheer!!!!

The book does not come with LEGO bricks, so you’ll have to use your own, or order them. But the idea of a book like this is not to give precise instructions of what to do, but rather, theory, ideas, methods, to create your own.

But, many of the ideas in the book are fairly complex, well designed, and you may well want to use the part numbers in the book to actually by the bricks you don’t have. In any event, you’ll want to get a bunch of 6096955s, because that is the stringy thing that lets you hang the ornament on the tree.

I like the old fashioned IBM cmputer, and the french fries.

You’re going to want to get this book right away because tree decoration season tis upon us.

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