The Solar System from The Smithsonian

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Smithsonian Exploration Station: Solar System by Jon Richards is similar to the previously reviewed Exploration Station: The Human Body. This is part of a new series of STEM learning toys from the Smithsonian, and they are just now available for purchase.

As is the case with the other kits, the Solar System includes a book, a large format big flat thing to which one might attach stickers, stickers, and a unique on-topic object, in this case, those cool stars you can attach to your ceiling or walls, and they glow in the dark.

Also, there are figurines including an two astronauts and a few rocket related items. The rocket items include a Saturn V launcher, a Gemini capsule, and a space shuttle (not to scale). I think one of the astronauts is Gemini/Mercury era and the other is post space-walk probably Apollo era.

Like this:

The book is a good reading level for kids between 6 (better readers) and 12 or so. The science is solid. The price is fair. The materials are good quality. The box is nice. All systems go, a holiday gift for some kid you know.

You might consider some Glow in The Dark Planets too.

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