The Manga Guide to Cryptography

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I talked about the The Manga Guide to Cryptography) by Masaaki Mitani, in another post. This is an expanded look.

The Manga guides are Manga art graphic non-fiction books that cover a wide range of topics. This new guide covers, obviously, cryptography.

As with all of these guides, there is a story centered on someone motivated to learn stuff. In this cae, Inspector Jun Meguro seeks to bust an art thief who uses ciphers to ply that trade. Meguro learns about the history and origins of cryptography and code making, what the different kinds of encoding are, and the basics of modern methods including public keys. There is math, but it is all doable. It is a fun reading for manga fans of any age, or people who just want to spend a few evenings learning the basics without with very manageable descriptions. It is not a watered down version of cryptography, just a very accessible one. Not the be all and end all, but an excellent jumping off point.

Authors: Masaaki Mitani is a professor at Tokyo Denki University’s School of Engineering specializing in digital signal processing, communication, and educational engineering.

Shinichi Satou is an assistant professor at Tokyo Denki University’s School of Engineering specializing in signal processing and educational engineering.

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