Now is your last chance to read Isaac Azimov’s Foundation Trilogy

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… before it gets made into a TV show.

There have been, I think, two earlier failed starts for a project that turns what might be the number one interstellar long-history science fiction book written. This project looks like it is going to happen. The producer is Apple, so you will probably have to buy their latest computing device to get permission to watch it. (And therein could lie the plot for a very Azimov-like science fiction story…)

Anyway, you need to read the books before you watch the show, so get started. There is no information available as to when this series will be released. And, despite my snark above, it is not know where it will be shown, but it will be streamed. And, it will be in 10 parts.

The three books in the Foundation Trilogy are:

Foundation and Empire
Second Foundation

There is a complex publication history, and there are other stories and books, but that is the central bunch of words.

Alternatively, the Foundation Trilogy plus: The Foundation Trilogy (Foundation, Foundation and Empire, Second Foundation), The Stars, Like Dust; The Naked Sun; I, Robot

These may also be among the most commonly available used books in science fiction, so check your local used book store, if you can still find one. (Hint: On line, the cost of one of these volumes, because of their continued popularity, used, is above $4.00 with shipping, with the shipping price dropping as the volume price increases, to make the actual cost per volume between $8.00 and $12.00. So, don’t bother with used on line.)

Have you read the breakthrough novel of the year? When you are done with that, try:

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8 thoughts on “Now is your last chance to read Isaac Azimov’s Foundation Trilogy

  1. I’m not buying an Apple device to watch it. Perhaps I can watch it on my work phone. But this streaming service segmentation is driving me crazy. I am not paying $10 a month to watch Star Trek, on top of Prime, on top of Hulu, on top of blah, blah blah…

    I was okay with ads if I got to see shows that I liked.

  2. Apple hasn’t produced its own content yet. Rumors are that they’re having some difficulty attracting top names to create things because they (Apple) want to enforce an extremely strict “family friendly” policy on content.

    Here’s a little more information. Don’t expect any version of Foundation from them soon — nothing has started.

  3. I’m curious about why you spelled it “Azimov” instead of the way he spelled it, “Asimov”. Do you have some agenda, or is it just a mental fart?

    1. Dunno about Greg Laden but oddly enough from what I recall reading the original Russian (Cyrillic?) spelling of the name was with a ‘z’but it was changed by mistake when Isaac Asimov’s Russian-Jewish family emigrated to the United States and they family stubbornly stuck with the mistaken spelling rather than wanting to change it back.

      I also gather he wrote a short story called “Spell my name with a ‘S” although it didn’t directly feature him as the character!

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