Rise: a poetry expedition to Greenland’s melting glaciers

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Climate activists and poets, Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner and Aka Niviana, travel to the latter’s home of Greenland to recite their collaborative poem, Rise, on a melting glacier that might threaten the former’s home nation of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific

For background, see this post at Climate Denial Crock of the Week.

See also this related post by Bill McKibben.

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One thought on “Rise: a poetry expedition to Greenland’s melting glaciers

  1. [EDITORS NOTE: The following comment is mainly a rant against something that is not mentioned in this post or anything connected to this post. Please to not take this railing against the use of biofuels as a criticism of anything presented here. I won’t delete the post, but I do want readers to know this is entirely out of the blue.

    By the way, there is a role for biofuels, but it is very limited. It would work well in areas where circumstances produce materials that can be used as fuel rather than discarded, such as used cooking oil. The amount of bio diesel that can be produced recycling all of the used cooking oil is said to be close to the amount of diesel currently used by trains in the US. That gives you an idea of the order of magnitude of the problem and solution. A small but not irreverent bit of our effort to get off fossil carbon can be served by this sort of use. I do agree that biofuels can simply not be a major source of energy.

    Regarding poetry, every other comment I’ve seen on this video is appreciative of it and found it powerful. I can not speak for the proclivities of the mysterious and rantful LiD. ]

    What utter fuckwits are the people allowing
    BECCS to be promoted as a realistic, viable
    thing to counteract climate change. I’m appalled. It’s an absolute gift to deniers who
    are correctly calling it a crock of shit, although for partially the wrong reasons imo.
    God damn there’s some morons on the um, good side. The science side. Like the idiots who make images with sea levels absurdly high in urban areas. Just piss off with that shit. Or talk of Earth being like Venus. Fucking bullshit.
    What’s the point of capturing CO2, releasing it
    again !!!!!! and then recapturing it and burying it?? Just for a teensy bit of power.
    Australia’s soils and ecology are fucked already without this horseshit.
    I wanna hear from contributers here who think
    BECCS is a bloody marvoulous thing and a real solution to AGW. Just to convince me.
    Fuck all people are talking about it, probably because it’s so patheticly embarrassing.
    But the conversation needs to happen about
    BECCS before the damage gets worse on the public relations side of things.
    I can’t imagine any ecologist being supportive
    of large-scale BECCS anywhere. And large scale is an understatement in terms of trying to dent CO2 levels using BECCS. If ya gunned do small scale BECCS it’s totally useless to make a dent, but the local ecology gets stuffed anyway. Don’t even bother.
    Plant trees to rehabilitate places and leave them be.

    I don’t think poetry is gonna help either somehow. At least it wouldn’t be a total environmental disaster like BECCS.
    Can people please keep their fuckwitted ideas away from the IPCC please.
    It’s hard enough dealing with the conspiracist loons without giving them legitimate ammunition.
    If a reader supports BECCS please share so I can hear another side. Im open but I’m really pissed about such stupidity being considered as the way forward.

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