What is a Republican?

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This guy. The one in the blue jacket. Watch every minute of this. Especially the last phase, where we see Representative Jason Spencer attacking a terrorist with his ass.

Trigger warning: Racism, hate, and Trumpisn. In other words, watching this video is like turning on CNN or FOX. Not work safe, not for children, keep the sound down.

From now on, after seeing this, you can never, ever, see the yahoos changing “USA USA USA” again without thinking of State Representative Jason’s Spencer’s ugly ass.

And of course it does not end there. Here are some Republicans advocating the arming of pre-schoolers.

According to recent polls, one of the men advocating for arming tiny children, Dana Rohrabacher, has a real chance of being defeated in this year’s election.

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17 thoughts on “What is a Republican?

  1. This is a Republican:

    Trump golf resort wrecked special nature site, reports reveal

    doesn’t give a flying fart about sites of special scientific interest after all what is the point of science if it cannot bring you instant gratification, wealth and power.

    Van ‘Guns are fun’ Cleave, Pratt (well named), Walsh (give the kids mortars FFS!), Lott (not allot of sense) and Rohrabacher (head full of dinosaur farts) are the mentally deranged here, no doubt helped by donations from the NRA.

  2. I’ll start with an admission: I find SBC to be talent free and not remotely amusing. I also realize I’m in the minority.

    I’m not a fan of these skits (not for the reason given in the admission). The right-wingers who videoed Planned Parenthood “offering to sell baby parts” used dishonesty and deception to get their message across too, and I don’t see any difference in that sense between them and what SBC is doing, although there is no indication he has been continuing into deceptive editing of footage the way the anti PP scammers were found to have done.

    There is plenty of evidence that clowns like Spencer and the residents of one city are racists and bigots: there is no need to resort to this stuff to demonstrate it. (And again, I’m aware my opinion will be in the minority.)

    1. I’m not a big fan of his either, but I reject the equivalence between an attack on a humanitarian or social justice organization in an effort to repress already repressed people vs. punching up at absurdly nefarious bad guys. That difference makes these cases utterly non comparable. There are other differences as well, in the methods, I think, but I don’t think we know enough about how it was done, and I don’t think that is especially important.

    2. I agree theee is 0 equivalence between the targets. I don’t think deception is necessary when you deal with these right wing clowns, and reorting to it makes it all too easy for them to claim “they were conned and tricked”, which their supporters will be all too willing to believe.

    3. > deceptive editing of footage the way the anti PP scammers were found to have done.

      By someone hired by the Left to do so. I think it was Perkins Coie again.
      There was no deceptive editing as the videos were placed online in their entirety.
      There was only a report commissioned that declared deceptive editing was done, and that’s good enough for the Fake News media and the so-called ‘fact-checkers’.

    4. I agree with Dean…Project Veritas inspired SBC, understandably so.
      Public discourse has devolved with so much lying and deception that now undercover recordings and stunts have been employed to reveal motives. Nobody has any honor or statesmanship anymore.

      As an unapologetic proRKBA person, Pratt was disappointing. Gaetz was a sigh of relief (who didn’t know Lott was a joke?).

      I’m all for this. Scrub out the necrosis and provide a solid foundation from which one can defend their positions. Have the courage of your convictions.

      Of course toddlers and even some teens shouldn’t be anywhere near weapons, but that’s up to the parents, not governments. Toys aren’t guns, guns aren’t toys, the two should not be confused or conflated in any way. It’s serious business: “A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks.” –T Jefferson

      What is a Republican? — Someone who expects pro-life, pro-gun voters support. Republicans are abusing their base in the same way Democrats abuse minority voting blocks. Apparently there is a strong Israeli influence in the Republican Party, as they’re willing to have handlers embarrass them with “Israeli nationals”.

      Scrub out the corrupt. Drain the Swamp, regardless of the D or R behind their name.

    5. Project Veritas can’t inspire SBC when Ali G was on the air before Veritas existed.

    6. Why not? Ali G was an SBC character from wayback. SBC could have been inspired by all sorts of things since. Such as the vile beliefs expressed by some of the people in the recent programmes.

  3. What a great takedown of a bunch of ass holes. Larry Pratt in particular went down hard. The Blink 182 pheromone; The Rita Ara of the liver; The Cardi B Neural pathway, leading to the Whiz Khalifa. Sacha Baron Cohen showed how easy it is to fool people who want to be fooled. Using the names of singers and musicians in place of non-existent biochemical pathways to illustrate how clueless and phony Pratt’s argument is, is, in my estimation, absolutely brilliant. Right up there with Graham Greene’s Our Man In Havana.

    1. What could they say? That it isn’t one bit surprising. We’ve known they type of people attracted to Trump since the campaigns spun up.

      I think that goes back to my distaste for this. We know Trump’s supporters act like this on their own. Having SBC “trick” them into it gives them an excuse that they can use. I’d like to think that only other Trump supporters would buy into the line that these folks were tricked and really aren’t racists, bigots, etc., but I’m afraid I’d be wrong.

      Don’t give the scum any free excuses. (Minority opinion…)

    2. Having SBC “trick” them into it gives them an excuse that they can use. I’d like to think that only other Trump supporters would buy into the line that these folks were tricked and really aren’t racists, bigots, etc., but I’m afraid I’d be wrong.

      Yes, I’ve been hearing this ‘defence’ of SBC’s ‘tricked’ ‘victims’. Personally, I think it’s arrant bollocks and it’s disappointing that anyone not themselves a partisan toerag could buy into it. True colours are true colours. The only trick was getting the bastards to let their inner charm show through.

      Check the moment in the second clip Greg posted when SBC says ‘it isn’t rape if it’s your wife’ and the scumbag gurns along with him and they slap hands.

      All that said, I understand what you mean. Don’t give them even a squeak of an excuse to play the victim – or they will.

    3. “True colours are true colours. ”

      I think you misunderstood my point — or I wasn’t clear in making it.

      I completely agree the show displays the real views of these people — I have no doubt of that. I don’t like SBC’s approach because the foolishness of his characters gives the gullible an out to say ‘They were just tricked, they really aren’t like that.”

      As we see from the three Trump supporters who post here, they are more than able of showing their low cognitive skills and bigotry on their own, no apparent deception needed.

    4. “Don’t give them even a squeak of an excuse to play the victim – or they will.”

      Not giving them “even a squeak of an excuse to play the victim” is synonymous with silence. It’s self-castration. They will use any excuse to play the victim.

      SBC didn’t target innocent people. He targeted prominent individuals whose positions already were known and who had or had had positions of trust. He didn’t expose them. He let them expose themselves.

  4. Okay. Here is another Republican. A real honest to goodness Republican. Roy Moore. What better example of control of and by the brain dead than Republican Roy Moore.
    Cohen takes him down simply and elegantly. Moore’s awe of Israeli technology and a supposed tough Israeli lets him wander into a satirical killing zone where his complete ignorance of science takes him down the primrose path to a cruel gotcha mind field, where he is taken out with ruthless efficiency.


    It gives me hope that the younger generations, having grown up in a world with far more exposure to science and technology than the old farts of my generation, will be better able to push past the dinosaurs like Trump, Lott and Moore who continually block the path to progress and a better world.

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