This is not a freak accident

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This has been called a freak volcano accident by NBC news.

That is not a freak accident. That is what volcanoes do.

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4 thoughts on “This is not a freak accident

  1. Greg – I totally agree.

    Lava hurling through the air is something which happens during eruptions.

    I hope the tourists had to sign a waiver. If they did than how unexpected was it?

    Like saying being pulled out to sea by a rip tide is a freak accident.

    Give me a break.

    1. Uh, you blame the licensed captain of the boat, not the paying passengers who board expecting that the tour to be operated as the law requires: safely.

      (I know many 100 ton masters who run fishing and whale watching trips, including my girlfriend)

  2. “That is not a freak accident.”

    Well, from a probability point of view, the likelihood of that particular chunk hitting that particular boat would be freakishly low.

    But yeah, the spewing of the “lava bombs” isn’t a surprise.

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