Things to do after installing Ubuntu Mate 18.04

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1) Uninstall it. It is flawed in key ways. It will be difficult to get your Dropbox working, if you use that, installing software form .deb files is not automatic and requires hacking. There are some other problems too.

2) Check back here in a few months, see if I’ve updated with good news. Meanwhile, get back to whatever you were doing, because you don’t want to be doing this.


I tried to get info from Mate about the problems I encountered. They really provide no way to do that, so I tweeted about it referring to their handle, so they would see.

The tweeted back two responses. The first one said a combination of “nothing is broken” and “tough luck.” The second twee is shown in this screen grab:

That is a moving GIF with the boy’s eyes blinking. It is intended to mean, “tough shit, sucker!” or words to that effect.

(I provide a screen shot because I assume cooler heads will prevail, maybe, at Mate HQ, and the immature dickhead who tweeted that will be countermanded. Or maybe not. We don’t ever hear anything good about their development community. Only bad things.)

So, don’t look for an Ubuntu Mate explainer on this blog.

Preparing to install Xubuntu right now!

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12 thoughts on “Things to do after installing Ubuntu Mate 18.04

  1. Have you ever tested Mint with Cinnamon? It’s mature, and I don’t have those sorts of problems.

    1. MH, I am doing just that. Unless, the download was bad, which I
      had not the ability to verify, I have had numerous issues as well.

      Drivers missing, downloads not working and can not open desktop
      after going into suspend!! It keeps claiming that there is a network

      Internet support for alternative OS Mint and all others is very thin.

      I see that once again the updater has an “X” on it, stating “could not
      refresh the list of updates” which I have tried to do at least a dozen times.

      I am afraid, that unless green horns have some type of support in
      dealing with these issues, Ubuntu, shall remain a minority in use.

  2. MIke, I should do that. I did try Cinnamon way back when, and I liked it, but I liked Mate a little better.

  3. Oh, once I also installed Ubuntu on my computer, to be honest, I also wanted to trash my computer’s screen with a keyboard … After Windows it’s very difficult to get used to it, it’s not clear how to install drivers, a lot of it needs to be done at the command line. Such a feeling that this system is made for the program programmers … I just had 2 weeks before I was crazy. No, I did not cut my screen, I just changed the operating system back to Windows. This is how my acquaintance with this operating system ended.

  4. An update.

    Mate, for reasons of their own, finally decided to get back to me with actual information, and included on that was information on a bug fix they implemented. I’ll be updating this post on what Nate users can do to help make it work for them.

    Meanwhile, I’ve got Xfce on he desktop and it is working great. I’ll be posting about that eventually.

    John, I’ve not knowingly installed a driver on a Linux machine in ten years, other than for the printer, and that has worked very nicely in all cases except the OS that comes with a Pi.

  5. The Linux is working with the ubuntu where you will be able to do the work of your own and it is easy to install the ubuntu just you need to follow the steps for the process the work mode is easy compared to in other operating systems.

    1. Pato, it is now. And, you’re welcome.

      There was a bug, Mate developers chose to ignore it, then after some pressure, they chose to fix it. However, it is up to them to spread that info around, because, since I no longer use the DE, I can’t keep track of it.

  6. Can I suggest a public forum, which maybe be better
    than emailing HQs!

    Linux Mint has such a forum, which I have duly signed
    up for.

    GL, Mate. :<)

  7. I’ve been using it for a long time and I’ve never had a problem. Maybe you have little knowledge about linux thinking that the whole system is limited to windows and buttons;) Learn to know the core linux core that may not claim as much;)

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