The Last White House Correspondents Dinner

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First, a warm up.

Now, the real thing.

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27 thoughts on “The Last White House Correspondents Dinner

  1. It is stunning to see the pushback to Michelle Wolf’s comments as “mean”, “sexist”, etc. Maybe if the “real” press had been a little more spot-on in covering Trump before the election, and actually pointed out his lies, backing from racists, bigots, Nazis, and in general, people who are scum, or if they were doing that now, or pushing back on the paid liar that gives the press briefings, Wolf’s comments wouldn’t be seen as shocking but simply a rehash of what we already know: none of the people at the top of the Republican party are folks you’d ever want in your house, and in a decent world you wouldn’t want them to have any more responsibility than cleaning outhouses in rustic camp areas.

  2. O, My! O, Dearie me! I do declare, Washington has contracted a case of the vapors! Whatever are we to do!

    The Very Serious People in the press need to stop clinging to the fiction that Trump is just a minor aberration and that all will be well if everyone would just exercise a little more decorum. I mean as everyone knows, progressives should be seen and not heard, should sit nicely in the back in wide-eyed awe of the Very Serious People, and should politely nibble their petit fours without dropping any crumbs.

    Tsk, tsk, harrumph…

  3. My take on it is that the jokes about Sarah Huckabee Sanders were considered to cross a line.

    Calling her a liar and so forth is ok (part of the job).

    But going after her for her appearance and/or weight is pretty rude and was condemned the day after.

    I agree – stick to policies and not appearances.

    1. It was a metaphor, ashes of truth for the PERFECT smokey eye… in other words, manufacturing appearances to cover up what’s going on in this administration.

      You’re just mimicking the petty, inarticulate outrage (and fear) of the VSPs.

    2. I must have missed these jokes. Is softball really code for lesbian?
      Is smoky eye an insult about being ugly?
      The room hated it, but that doesn’t mean she crossed the line.

    3. RickA, please provide quotes from the event in which she went after SHS weight or appearance?

      There aren’t any.

  4. manufacturing appearances to cover up what’s going on in this administration.

    Oh come on, that’s a little harsh: after all, you remember all the times rickA, mikeN, and the many trump backers like them condemned the way trump spoke (and continues to speak) about women, right?

    Oh, wait, they never have — mentioning those bits of behavior is merely picking on the man they worship. Never mind.

  5. Compared to your typical roast, it was apparently a full on flyting. And given all the clucking and squawking, the force with which Wolf stripped away pretense must have really stung.

    But considering how Trump ‘the poop flinging monkey’ has pretty much plastered the Whitehouse walls with his feces, it’s hard to argue that Wolf did anything to devalue the event other than to burst everyone’s bubble and shed a little light on the ugly situation.

    No wonder Trump was afraid to attend.

    1. There is another interesting thing here. Wolf never insulted Sanders’ appearance (despite the dishonest accusations that she did) — but she did make fun of Sanders’ (immense lack of) honesty and integrity, as well as the fact that the spokeswoman has sold her soul to be a paid liar, and not a good one, (which is obvious to everyone). Still, the attacks on Wolf are coming from around the spectrum. As several have said, Wolf’s “roast” of Sanders was the most polite roast in history.

      By comparison, last year Hasan Minhaj nailed Trump’s appearance: he called Trump an elephant. and compared him to a spit-roasted pig (and went on to make fun of the president’s weight and general appearance).

      No great feedback, no apologizing from the WHCA. Interesting difference in reaction.

    2. Yeah, the hyperventilating over the smokey eye thing was ridiculous. Something similar happened with the Comey book.

      I think whenever they run segments of Sander’s press briefings, they should play the background music to Neutrogena’s smokey eye commercial:

      Puff! Puff!
      Puff, pa-pa-pa-puff!

      Anyway, a lot of the uproar was over the whole routine being intended for mature audiences…

  6. I’m astonished that conservatives take umbrage at a smokey eye comment, but nothing is said (or done…) about Trump admitting to sexual assault, nor to his repeated extramarital philandering and subsequent lying about it.

    This sort of societal hypocrisy will rip the USA apart.

  7. A friend pointed out to me that a few hours before this event the always evil Mike Huckabee sent this on his twitter feed:

    If you lack sense of humor, get “offended” by slights you create, or just can’t bring yourself to tolerate those you disagree with the(sic) DO NOT watch my show 2nite! You will be triggered and will need a pony, popsicle, and 9Playdough to cope!

    After it was pointed out that his daughter takes after him and is an integrity free serial liar and bigot, he posted this.

    The WHCD was supposed to celebrate the 1st Amendment. Instead they celebrated bullying, vulgarity, and hate. They got all dressed up so they would look nicer when they had a hired gun savagely attack their guests. Do they really wonder why America has no respect for them? Sad!

    Not only are these “thinkers” on the right disgusting POS people, they don’t even have enough sense to realize that their hypocrisy is on display for rational people to see.

  8. Mike Huckabee is sure doing a lot of projecting when he accuses the WHCD of celebrating bullying, vulgarity, and hate! Remember, this is the guy who pals around with the poster child for Lead Poisoning, Mr. Ted Nugent, a man noted for such bullying, vulgar, and hateful behavior as threatening Presidents, Democrats, Liberals, and others with sexually explicit gun violence. Huckabee is the guy who wrote a book “Guns[ murder],God [religiosity], and Gravy [ gourmandism]”.

    Rev. Huckabee is a paragon of religiosity. Therefore, I think that we can generally be sure that fact based reality is not his strong point.

    So why would anyone be surprised if his daughter took a political position which requires lying and/or clouding of the truth as its main requirement?
    But probably the most vulgar aspect of this whole debacle is the President of the United States hiding behind the skirts of Mike Huckabee’s daughter.

  9. Strangely, when Democrats are in power, the WHCD attacked the rulers’ Republican opponents, but when Republicans are in power, they speak truth to power.

  10. The founding fathers were, at heart scientists. People like Jefferson, Franklin, and Washington were practitioners of enlightenment philosophy and they were seekers of truth. They refused to submit to the revolutionary era version of authoritarianism, i.e., the king and the monarchy. People like Trump and the majority of the Republican party are trying to bring us back to monarchy, back to their comfort zone, a zone that lies somewhere back between the dark ages and the bronze age. The modern Republican grand strategy seems to be to clutch unverifiable and often completely false beliefs so tightly that they are willing to submit to and even embrace authoritarianism and outright lies and deception to protect those beliefs. They do this to protect their position of privileges, the privileges of power, race, religion, and sociopathy. Science doesn’t seem to have yet been invented in the Republican universe. What has been invented there, though, is the art of deceit. In fact, the art of guiding misperceptions to benefit themselves and their standing is something that Republicans have perfected. A philosophy of deceit has some serious built in self-destruct mechanisms, however, and Trump and the Republicans should be learning a lot about this in the next year. Can’t wait.

    1. (Still wishing for a preview option). The site mikeN linked to is a haven for low-browed conspiracy mongering racists — the typical scum that support trump. Read their crap at the risk of your brain cells.

    2. Never heard or read that site. It’s what came up when I searched for that cover.

    3. It appears to be just a repackaging of other people’s articles, about Iran deal, North Korea, DACA, Mueller. Doesn’t look like a racist site, but I don’t see any original articles to know for sure.

  11. Sure. We believe your hands are clean — why else would you stumble on a tea-bagger racist site when you were looking for fake racist-created pictures of President Obama.


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