Hannity the Unhinged

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But her emails!!! And there are brown people everywhere!!!!!

Hat Tip: Media Matters.

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7 thoughts on “Hannity the Unhinged

  1. I haven’t the stomach to even watch Hannity anymore. I saw him debating someone about prosecuting parents for abusing their children and in opposition to such a thing he actually said that his own father had hit him in the face to discipline him and should he have been prosecuted? As if the obvious answer was no. Fits right into the Faux News team, though.

  2. Prescient post! The imagination is running wild with possibilities of just what this Cohen/Hannity gambit entails. What tactic/defense/disorder is this all about???

    But back to the original theme of this article…. It is a pity that the public is generally not sophisticated enough to recognize or understand the tactic/defense mechanism/disorder of projection when it streaks before them. The Trump crime family diagram would not fit on a single poster board or even a good sized wall for that matter.

    1. Apparently Hannity has said of Cohen “I did not have client-lawyer relations with that man..”

      Ding ding ding ding: Winner winner, chicken dinner. 🙂

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