Nature tribute to Tom Lehrer

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No, he’s not dead, he 90. But for some reason, probably because his birthday was yesterday, Nature wrote him up, and it is a fun read.

In case you are wondering who Tom Lehrer is, he is this guy:

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3 thoughts on “Nature tribute to Tom Lehrer

  1. I love serendipity – yesterday afternoon my wife was trying out some popular music songs on her piano (she teaches classical piano) and I suggested she try some Lehrer and gave her one of his music collections a friend had given me when I had the temerity to believe I could learn piano 🙂 Doesn’t have my fave Vatican Rag though 🙂

  2. As an ex-catlick the Vatican Rage is great, but then so is most of his stuff!
    Another one made immortal thru his art.

  3. A perhaps less well-known one is “Smut”, which extols the virtues of pornography.

    It contains typically brilliant rhyming – like “philately” and “Lady Chatterley”.

    The perennial question about Tom’s enthusiasm is, of course, does it constitute a sex-positive attitude or does it demean women?

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