Making Das Keyboard Closer to Perfect

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A while back, I reviewed mechanical keyboards, and found several good ones. Indeed, mechanical keyboards are so much better than membrane keyboards (their name even sounds better) that it is hard to go wrong. Still, when the choices remain in the range of $60 to $200, details matter.

One of the keyboards I liked was Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac Clicky MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard (DASK3PROMS1MACCLI). However, as I noted in my review, the letters on the keyboard are stylized, and non standard. I find this jarring, and almost disqualifying. I thought I’d get used to it, but that never happened.

Meanwhile, some of the letters on the keys on my Avant Stellar keyboard, which is no longer made, have worn off entirely.

So, I came up with this solution: The Universal English Keyboard Stickers.

They are vinyl, and stick nicely on the keys. They are easy to put on, and removable. They are cheap. You get two in a pack. That means I was able to replace the key letters on my Das Keyboard, and also, my avant Stellar. I’ve not decided if I’ll just fix the Avant Stellar keys that are worn down, or put all new lettering on. Depends on how if feels, I suppose.

Anyway, here are the new letters partly applied to the over-stylized (in my opinion) Das Keybard keys:

Yes, there are come cat hairs now attached permanently to my keyboard.

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7 thoughts on “Making Das Keyboard Closer to Perfect

  1. I was going to ask, snidely, if they come in Comic Sans – and then I realised that it’s probably a dangerous question…

    1. And I presume that a ‘god’ [keyboard]’ is one that is so great that even the Creator of the Universe uses one…

    2. It is actually a special key, in the lower left hand corner, has a lightning bolt on it.

    1. If it’s a typing class, there shouldn’t be letters on the keys!
      Our teacher use to put wooden blocks over them so we couldn’t see the keyboard.

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