Saving Snow

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This is a documentary on addressing the carbon footprint of one of the biggest carbon polluters that is most affected by their own pollution: The ski industry.

If you are in the Twin Cities, come by Davanni’s in Plymouth (on Harbor) on February 27th, 7:00 PM to see the movie. I don’t think it is on Netflix or Amazon now. (I assume we are getting some sort of special showing?)

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4 thoughts on “Saving Snow

  1. Ski areas are “one of the biggest carbon polluters ” because some people use jets to get to Aspen? Seriously?

    1. How about hyperbole? Does that use a huge amount of carbon? Just wondering, as I seem to have lost my bearings.

  2. yeah- I get it. But then many destination style recreational pursuits are going to be up there on their carbon footprint as well – fly in to your cruise ship? Drive a thousand miles to climb Yosemite? to run whitewater? Whale watch? Music festival?

    The wealthy [which in relationship to the rest of the world includes ‘middle class’ America] use a far disproportionate share of the world’s resources and add disproportionately to global warming. That is an indictment of a consumptive based culture- I am guessing the ski industry is not an outsized contributor to that.

    FWIW- Aspen ski Co was one of the first to sound a corporate alarm re climate warming many years ago- they have the snow level records for many years and it is obvious they are in a niche with no real long term future . And the town of Aspen does encourage bus ridership – I used it to hit the slopes maybe 25% of the time I lived there.

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