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Syria Will Sign The Paris Climate Accord

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It is now being reported that Syria will sign the Paris Climate Pact.

This will leave the United States as the only country in the entire world that has not signed the accord. This may be the first time that the US was quite so alone in an international agreement. The reason the US has not signed is because Donald Trump decided this. Many assume this is because Trump, the Petroleum Industry and Russia are in cahoots over oil. I think not. The main driving force for Trump Policy is this one single thing: Did the black guy do it? If the black guy did it, then undo it. Paris is a product of President Obama’s administration, therefore it can not stand under Trump. Never ind what our country, or the world, wants or needs.

This happened in Bonn, at an international climate conference.

According to news reports and people who were present Tuesday, the Syrian delegation to the talks announced the war-torn country’s intention to ratify the Paris agreement. Separately, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency, lawmakers in Damascus last month “approved a draft law on ratifying Syria’s accession to the Paris Climate Agreement.”

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12 thoughts on “Syria Will Sign The Paris Climate Accord

  1. Except the US has signed the accord. Could you at least get your complaint accurate?
    Hard to do because Trump’s announcement doesn’t make sense- essentially:
    ‘We are leaving unless we can stay’

  2. Mr Laben, your charge of race is completely devoid of common sense,
    unless of course you are on BarrockoCare.

  3. bill, it isn’t clear what exactly you mean by the comment “BarrockoCare”. I will assume, from the ignorance of your statement, that it is some racist attack on something or other you don’t understand but know you dislike because it came from a president who wasn’t white.

    1. Your DeanShip:

      You are simply parroting what Mr Laben said. (Polly want a cracker?)

      BarrockoCare is Commycare or for those whom do not understand
      (un)Affordable Care Act.

      Your charge of racism, without a scintilla of evidence, is the shameful
      hallmark of a Socshevik.

      It is simply bad policy and not bad skin color. To make a nexus of the Paris
      Climate accord and race is academic hogwash.

      Please, in your next reply apply some reasoning to your missives.

  4. The main driving force for Trump Policy is this one single thing: Did the black guy do it? If the black guy did it, then undo it.

    That shouldn’t have to be seen, since the entire platform of the modern right is that President Obama undid everything President Bush did. Not quite true, but he did fix the economic disaster President Bush created and set the employment rate in the correct direction. (Not according the lies from the right, but facts don’t care.)

    Sadly President Obama continued with the myth that the wars his predecessor started needed to be continued and even worse, expanded, and he didn’t get the torture chamber we run in Guantanamo closed, etc…

    He did manage to confiscate everyone’s guns, turn control of the country over to the UN, force everyone to get vaccinated, and unleash millions of crime-causing immigrants on the country.

    Oh, no, wait — those were more lines of bullshit that only shills spread and the stupid believe.

    1. I love the leftist because after nine years, they are still blaming Bushneck for all of our ills. George Jr, would have made an excellent vice pres for BO.

      “but he did fix the economic disaster President Bush created.” Your narrative is devoid of facts. Yes, Bushneck play a role but so did Clinton, HUD, and of course, the Arch culprit CONgress.

      Do not forget to blame the many scamming (MLO) Mortgage Loan Officers and the many loanees, whom decided to hip hop aboard the greed and gravey train.

      BO fixed nothing, other than inflate asset prices for this friends on Wall and Broad St; along with the main line banks at the cost of middle class.

    1. So what does that mean?

      Does Turkey (or any other nation) have any say over what the United States does here?

  5. bb, as usual your comments are completely baseless and have no relationship to reality. Especially amusing is your asinine comment spreading blame for President Bush’s destruction of the economy with tax cuts and wars he decided didn’t need to be paid for on his watch. The myth that republicans are concerned with the economy and debt were long known to be myths (Reagan hammered that home, as well as showed that racism and lying were crucial tools for the successful Republican).

    this ” the many loanees, whom decided to hip hop aboard the greed and gravey train”

    is especially hilarious, since we know (from investigations) that lenders’ employees were instructed to lie to people about what they could afford in loans.

    I’m guessing you don’t see the issue with lying though, since that is your stock and trade.

  6. Readers of various stripes might be interested in this:

    A new economics?

    Climate change. Inequality and poverty. Wasteful consumerism. Robots replacing workers. These are a few of the things, leading more people to question conventional notions of growth-fuelled, free market, capitalism. So, what would a sustainable, and “human-centred”, economy look like? Is changing the system even possible, or is it in the realm of utopian? Paul Barclay speaks to a panel of writers.

    Recorded at the Brisbane Writers Festival 10 September 2017.


    Rutger Bregman – Dutch historian; author of Utopia for Realists

    Tim Dunlop – writer; academic; author of Why The Future is Workless

    Clair Brown – Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley; author of Buddhist Economics.

  7. Delingpole at Breitbart. Worthless crap.

    Nothing puts the lie to a person’s claim to be a moral Christian faster than linking to a site that expresses support for Nazis, the KKK, white nationalists, and male supremacists.

    It also indicates that person’s lake of intellect (although that was already clear from other posts.)

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