Nicaragua Poised To Embarrass America

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We, and by “we” I mean “Donald Trump and his Republicans,” are already in a position of disdain by most of the rest of the world for being only one of three nations not signed on to the Paris climate pact.

The other two countries were a) Syria, not really a country any more, and b) Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is now joining the pact, according to Vice President Murillo, reported here:

“It is the only instrument we have in the world that allows the unity of intentions and efforts to face up to climate change and natural disasters,” Murillo said.

Nicaragua, a poor Central American nation that is often threatened by hurricanes, was the only nation to reject the agreement in 2015, and has argued for far more drastic action to limit rising temperatures.

The latest round of negotiations take place after a string of powerful hurricanes ravaged Caribbean island nations and caused billions of dollars in damage along the Texas and Florida coastlines.

Climate scientists have said warmer air and water resulting from climate change may have contributed to the severity of the storms. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has disputed such claims as an attempt to “politicize” natural disasters.

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5 thoughts on “Nicaragua Poised To Embarrass America

    1. then the short finger small hand orange baboon served notice that the US was pulling out of the accord. That was the unstated point of Greg’s post, but then I’m sure you knew that

    2. That leaving will not happen for another 3 years, and they are signaling they might stay in. Even the withdrawal announcement lacks any meaning in English.

    3. If you look at the totality of Trump’s activities, including appointments like Scott Pruitt, it is clear he can render our participation in the Accords nominal: a matter of form but devoid of substance.

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