I didn’t think I cared about “I, Tonya” until I heard who was staring in it

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I refer, of course, to Allison Janney! There are some other people in the film as well.

It is an interesting idea, that the Kerrigan-Harding situation, and Tonya herself, were different from what we came to understand at the time. It will take a bit of a shove to get me to not think Harding was an utter asshole, but that is what the movie apparently purports.

Have a look at this discussion:

To be honest, I’m skeptical about the whole idea, but, at the same time, hearing what Allison says in that clip causes me to put that aside and go see the film with an open mind.

Here’s the trailer for the film:

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4 thoughts on “I didn’t think I cared about “I, Tonya” until I heard who was staring in it

  1. I think you are confusing it with the Russians who won thru bribery. They fell down, but I had seen one writer make the case that even with the fall, they should have won.

    Kerrigan was a higher difficulty routine, but Baiul won basically for being shorter so it looked more artistic, and the Soviet Bloc vs NATO voting was in effect.

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