The Wildlife of Nambia

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The new Collins Nambia Wildlife guide is the perfect companion for travelers from the US who are trying to get away from it all. Quickly and quietly.

This handy field guide provides the usual information about the alt-Animals one finds in this remote African country, such as the Vote Suppressing Guerrilla, the Red Butted Baboon and the most common animal, the Wild Ass, and of course, the R.I.N.O.

But beyond that, this guide also provides useful information for the Indicted Tourist traveling to Nambia.

Find out where to get your laundry done, even if it is mainly small bills you want to clean. Find out which local restaurants have every chair backed up against an interior wall, so you can face the door with a rear exit nearby (in the “Escaping to Escape” section). Learn important information like, that you don’t need a passport to travel to Nambia, but once you are there, you can buy one and even specify what name should be on it!

Nambia has very few tourists these days, but business is expected to pick up any time now.

Published by Mueller and Comey Inc and Printed in Minsk, this title is available as a hardcover, softcover, Kindle, or printed on flash paper with disappearing ink.

The Wildlife of Nambia: What We Knew and When We Knew It is written by George GB Liddy, and has a forward by Vladimir Putin.

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