Lamar Smith: Nothing more than a hippie puncher

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Congressman Lamar Smith is a well known science denier, especially a climate science denier.

Recently, he admitted that the House committee he runs is a tool of the anti-science forces.

At a recent conference at the pro-Tobacco anti-Science Koch (and others) funded fake think tank Heartland, this happened:

Smith: Next week we’re going to have a hearing on our favorite subject of climate change and also on the scientific method, which has been repeatedly ignored by the so-called self-professed climate scientists.

Audience Member: I applaud you for saying you’ll be using the term climate studies, not climate science. But I also urge you to use the term politically correct science.

Smith: Good point. And I’ll start using those words if you’ll start using two words for me. The first is never, ever use the word progressive. Instead, use the word liberal. The second is never use the word ‘mainstream’ media, because they aren’t. Use ‘liberal’ media. Is that a deal? I’ll give you a bonus. When we talk about changing the Senate rules on ending filibusters, don’t use the word ‘nuclear’ option. That has a negative connotation. Use ‘democratic’ option.

Smith agreed with an audience member that the EPA should not be regulating air quality, and that there is no limit to how far he would go in dismantling the last 8 years of environmental regulation.

Smith (a Republican, but you already knew that) also noted that Trump (a Republican as well) would pretty much do whatever Smith and the Heartland Institute want him do to: Dismantle environmental regulations generally.

Smith’s top contributor last year was an energy company, and the top industry that funds his campaign is the Oil and Gas industry.

Source of the dialog.

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5 thoughts on “Lamar Smith: Nothing more than a hippie puncher

  1. >Smith also noted that Trump would pretty much do whatever Smith and the Heartland Institute want him do to:

    Where does he say that? That is something that Trump hating Republicans are hoping for, but I see nothing to support that. It appears to be Greg Laden’s words, not even the source article’s, which says

    In fact, as Smith told one audience member who worried that Trump might renege on some to his campaign promises, the sky’s the limit when it comes to dismantling the past 8 years of environmental regulations.

    “I think the president has ushered in a permanent change in the political climate,” Smith asserted. “And by that I mean I think he’ll keep his promises and that he’ll do exactly what he said. You’re seeing that in his appointments, like Scott Pruitt at EPA, for example. So … I don’t think you’ll have any disappointment on any of those issues.”

    Nothing like ‘Trump is our puppet and will do what we say.’

  2. I remember Lamar Smith from when Stephen Colbert testified before Congress.

    Democrats were embarrassed when Colbert showed up in character. Lamar Smith found the whole thing amusing and actually flummoxed Colbert a bit by asking him serious questions and he was forced to agree with Lamar since he was in character.

  3. He was flummoxed that someone would take his piss-take seriously.

    Poe’s law struck at the “highest levels”.

    Lamar isn’t the sharpest tool in the kiddie’s arts and crafts folder….

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