Latest White House Press Conference on Radical Moose Lambs

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Depending on where you work, may not be work safe.

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2 thoughts on “Latest White House Press Conference on Radical Moose Lambs

  1. An udder reason to put guns in skools… Buhtween da grizzlies and da moose lambs, dey need da guns fer protecshun.

  2. The presidink will not be ” deterred. ” Loved it.

    In other news, you know, it would really really suck if Michael Flynn goes full J.D.Ripper on us.

    Knowing that these guys subscribe to the nut cake beliefs of the most extreme RW conspiracy theorist shock jocks, and knowing that they favor a Delingpole over a scientist, I’m starting to wonder if maybe something in the Murkan diet or environment has addled the brains of an entire generation of powerful white males. Maybe a latent effect of leaded gasoline is starting to manifest itself these many years later. .
    Or maybe it’s just the fact that a system which favors disagreeable self centered sociopaths has born its ultimate fruit. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you homo megaloceros extinctobe. Look quick, though, cuz they may be gone in a flash! And tickets are not refundable!

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