Tuesday Election Results: Open Thread UPDATED

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Dump your comments and observations here.

I’ll be looking at several SOS web sites, and eventually I’ll find the best on line tracker of results for the whole country. During the primaries, the Washington Post was the best. Let me know if you have any ideas.

So far heavy turnout has been noted in Minnesota, where turnout is always high, and something close to 30% of the usual number of voters had already voted early.

img_7846The biggest fear, a among those of us who have felt the pain of defeat at least as often as the thrill of victory, is this: Heavy turnout usually means more Democrats vote, but it can also mean more of the so called “silent majority” votes. The “silent majority” is actually a plurality, consisting of old angry uneducated white men (see illustration). We always worry that we’ll get Nixoned by those bastards. Ever since they figured out that they can do that. When a pollster calls them, they lie, or hang up, then they go and vote for the fascist.

The first polls will close at 6:PM Eastern in some parts of Kentucky and Indiana. An hour later selected polls will close in several key states, including New Hampshire and Florida. Shortly thereafter, some will close in NOrth Carolina and Ohio. So, before 8:00 PM Eastern, we’ll be seeing some interesting results coming in. Remember to watch New Hampshire, Florida, and North Carolina closely.

At 8:PM Eastern, polls will be closed in about 172 electoral votes worth of states, including Maine, the Southern New England states, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland.


Secretary of State Site


I had placed Georgia as the first Red state likely to fall Blue if any such a thing was to happen, and indeed, Georgia is too close to call after polls closed. The reason? More hispanic voters than previously, pushing Georgia towards the Democrats.


Secretary of State Site

North Carolina

Hard to say where this is going yet, but early information indicates that a larger than expected share of white voters are going for Clinton.

MN CD 2 US House District, Angie Craig vs. Jason “single women are non thinking” Lewis
This is a key race. Lewis is a radio shock jock yahoo right winger Limbaugh wannabe. Craig would be one of the few open lesbians in a same sex marriage in the US House, and she’s cool. Piles of outside money.

MN CD 3 House District, Bonoff vs Paulsen.

This is my district. Paulsen is a Bachmann Republican who suported Trump early on. Bonoff is my State Senator (though I just moved into her district) and a Blue Dog who has run for this seat before and never gotten close. The theory is, you put in a Blue Dog or Centrist to run against the Republican, but that has never worked. I have no expectation that it will work this year. I hope Teri Bonoff wins, but she won’t, and maybe we will eventually learn that the only way to win in this district is to be real liberals.

Stewart Mills, Left.
Stewart Mills, Left.
MN CD 8 US House District, Nolan vs. Mills

Mills is a rich frat boy who should be running as a Libertarian but he’s too stupid. (Real libertarians tend be smart, even if they are totally wrong about everything.) This is a close eace, and I hear it is the most expensive, or one of the most expensive, races in the country. The Republicans are apparently frightened of Nolan.


Secretary of State Site

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90 thoughts on “Tuesday Election Results: Open Thread UPDATED

  1. This morning I read a local newspaper that told New Mexico citizens “where Democrats and Republicans may go to vote.” After I calmed down, I sent to the editor a nasty email.

  2. I voted this morning on my way to work. My polling station has 5-6 precincts voting all in one location, so it gets backed up but moves quickly. Line was out the door, over the sidewalk, through the parking lot and out to the street. I got in line at 6:45, left at 7:20. I was very surprised that I saw no one carrying an AR15 or a holstered OC. Of course, our demographics are pretty WASPy so I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised.

    I had also heard this morning from some coworkers that a news story last night stated that 40% of registered Ohio voters had already cast their ballots. So…. neat stuff.

    I still have no confidence in my state to make the right choice for president….. or Senator…. or Reps….. or even sheriffs at this point.

  3. Voting numbers at my location were up by a factor of about 5 by the time I went through. They are usually in the 80s at the time I get there and were in the mid 400s today.

    One jackass working there was telling people they needed to have a picture id to vote and if they didn’t have one they couldn’t vote. Not true in Michigan, and he was not happy to be corrected. If there hadn’t been people agreeing with me, with one showing him an article posted by our Sec State, he wouldn’t have given in.

    1. dean: “One jackass working there was telling people they needed to have a picture id to vote and if they didn’t have one they couldn’t vote.”

      That is just his way of Making America Great ‘Again:’ preventing citizens from voting.

  4. History will judge us with a keen and cynical eye by the results of this election. It will already note that we have a “liberal” or “progressive” candidate who is only so because she was dragged leftward by a contingent of disenchanted people from across the spectrum who feel that her party let them down over the previous 3 decades after abandoning the Rooseveltian idea that any American deserves and can achieve a decent, comfortable life for his or her family; and it will also note that we have a candidate who is so trenchantly and beguilingly rotten, so far out of the realm of our recent experience that most voters, left or right, do not recognize him for what he is – an ignorant self-styled fascist with a penchant for self-aggrandizement and ultimately self-destruction.

    History will make it clear that our dithering on the elimination of fossil fuels (by both main parties) and the scorched-earth politics of greed have dealt a serious blow to life on Earth as we have come to know over the last 10,000 years – and that we should not wait until the bitterness of the end has already begun to sink in before we start to do something about the impending tragedy. We could have voted, time after time, for real leadership on this issue, and time after time we have been too damned meek and cowardly to do what needed to be done – and we’ve voted for second best, at best – or worse.

    History will make it clear that America failed itself in the early 21st century, and I can only hope that subsequent generations will actually pay attention to this history and learn from it.

    Disagree if you like – but this election, for me, is the bitterest I can recall in 40 years of voting for the high stakes.

  5. I was very disappointed in the republican nominee selected by my party.

    Go Gary Johnson!

    Of course, he won’t win.

    But it would be great if he gets enough votes to achieve major party status and an automatic berth in the debates.

    Hillary and Donald are both horrible choices.

    What a disappointing election cycle.

  6. @ Bruce Jensen #9,


    I wish you people would actually read some history.

    FDR was a lifelong insider politician, elitist wealthy, superhawkish, dishonest womanizer, and left out the majority of US citizens who were not White Males in his “idea” about achieving a good life. And he also caved on continuing the original plan, only reviving the economy and bringing prosperity because of WWII.

    But carry on with your delusions of sainthood– it is the same kind of fantasy characterization that the Trumpsters embrace.

  7. At 10 a.m. in my town outside of Boston (which could conceivably go for Trump) they told me that they already had more voters through than they did all day in 2012.

    Looks like high turnout. Not sure what that means. I understand that usually Democrats do well when turnout is high. But might it also mean an uncounted surge for the Trumpster?

  8. “That is just his way of Making America Great ‘Again:’ preventing citizens from voting.”

    Without any other information I’d say the same thing, but I’ve seen him enough to know he just is a dick to everyone.

  9. Zebra – I never said Roosevelt was perfect, and I never said the New Deal was a panacea. Please do not read things into my words that are not there.

    In terms of what I said *specifically,* which he demonstrably supported, he had the right idea, worthy of expansion in the future. That, and the fact that latter-day Democrats have missed this issue, is my point.

    Love him or hate him, FDR is still considered by most historians to be among the top three Presidents we’ve ever had.

    This is worth a read.


  10. Bruce Jensen says it right. We all can see the ongoing ruination of earth, of which we are it’s fuse. In May 2015 both pope Francis (encyclical letter Laudato Si) and President Obama made serious warnings to take another route to prevent a world crash and in doing so save earth and life.
    We need a President who can face these big changes. Laren NH, 19.55 PM Dutch time.

  11. Reported on the radio today, not a news report but a citizen talking to MPR:
    A black woman went to vote early a few days ago, kid in tow. Helpful white guy in parking lot told her they were out of ballots, so she went home.
    She tried again a few days later, same polling place, different helpful white guy in the parking lot telling her to go home, they are out of ballots.
    But she went inside anyway. They were not out of ballot. That was a Trump or Republican Party suppression effort.

  12. “But she went inside anyway. They were not out of ballot. That was a Trump or Republican Party suppression effort.”

    News from Abiquiu, New Mexico: at least one polling place in Rio Arriba County is demanding that voters produced a government-issued ID that includes an image of the voter. This is not only not required, but is against the law to state it’s required. The Santa Fe New Mexican is investigating the reported abuse.

  13. Greg,

    MSN has reported voter suppression efforts in Florida and other location. One person was even inside a polling location.

  14. Bruce Jensen #16,

    Latter-day Democrats have not “missed” anything– they have actually studied history, which you apparently have not.

    “We could have voted, time after time…”

    For whom could we have voted, time after time, that we didn’t?

  15. The crazy part is a lot of this voter suppression is how Trump loyalists think that this is just “balancing out” a rigged election.

  16. Some Trump surrogates filed a lawsuit in Nevada over early polling sites in Las Vegas that remained open two hours beyond the nominal closing time to accommodate all voters in line. Thing is, Nevada (and most other states) requires polling places to accommodate all people who are in line at the time the polls close.

    I’m hearing (but haven’t seen confirmation yet) that this suit got deservedly laughed out of court. But the point is to support the narrative of a “rigged” election.

  17. I’m hearing (but haven’t seen confirmation yet) that this suit got deservedly laughed out of court.

    If I’d been the judge, it would have been some hefty fines for all involved for “bringing a frivolous lawsuit” into my court. Maybe a contempt of court added to the lawyer’s fine, too…

  18. (CNN)One person was killed and three others were wounded in a shooting Tuesday near two polling locations in Azusa, California.

  19. Trump is 3% ahead in Florida
    Trump is very far ahead in North Carolina
    Trump is a few points ahead in Ohio
    Clinton is ahead in New Hampshire
    So far, Trump is projected to have 24 Electoral votes, Clinton 3 (Vermont)

  20. States about to close their polls:

    Alabama (9 Electoral Votes)
    Connecticut (7 Electoral Votes)
    Delaware (3 Electoral Votes)
    DC (3 Electoral Votes)
    Florida (29 Electoral Votes)
    Illinois (20 Electoral Votes)
    Maine (4 Electoral Votes)
    Maryland (10 Electoral Votes)
    Massachusetts (11 Electoral Votes)
    Mississippi (6 Electoral Votes)
    Missouri (10 Electoral Votes)
    New Hampshire (4 Electoral Votes)
    New Jersey (14 Electoral Votes)
    Oklahoma (7 Electoral Votes)
    Pennsylvania (20 Electoral Votes)
    Rhode Island (4 Electoral Votes)
    Tennessee (11 Electoral Votes)

  21. Florida is too close to call, Penn too close, NH too close.

    Illinois goes to Clinton.

    New Jersey goes to Clinton.

    MD to Clinton

    RI Clinton

    Delaware Clinton

    DC to Clinton

    CONN to Clinton

    MA goes to Clinton

    Tennessee to Trump

    Alabama and Oklahoma to Trump.

    Mississippi Trump

    Missouri TOO EARLY TO CALL (Trump leading)

    Maine TOO EARLY TO CALL Clinton in lead.

  22. Florida white college grads: Trump leading Clinton, doing better than Romney did.

    This is not good news.


    Latino doing well in Florida with hispanics, but less than national level, because of Cubans. A few points better than Obama did.

    Black voters overwhelmingly for Clinton, and turnout among Black Voters very large.

  23. NC is looking like a Clinton win, but in Florida, Trump and Clinton are within literally DOZENS of HUNDREDS of votres.

  24. When the analysis is done, I suspect the high turnout will have worked against HRD

    As in in the UK Brexit vote – the “I have never voted but will vote out”.

    Tip the balance, and where also impossible to poll correctly

  25. Look on the bright side. I mean this. Getting rid of right-wing populism was never going to be cheap or easy but the process is now begun.

    Trump is now going to have to deliver on the empty rhetoric that has propelled him to power and he will not be able to do so.

    He’s finished even as he begins and the right will bear the full brunt of the collateral damage. It might take a few years to play out, but it’s pretty much inevitable now the electorate has handed Trump enough rope.

  26. I’m legitimately scared…if any of Trump’s rhetoric comes to pass, trade wars will raise the price of a lot of basic goods, the US’s greatest ally will be an authoritarian Russia, global warming will get right back on track and the current mandatory vaccine schedule will be abolished. That’s to say nothing about attempting to pass a constitutional amendment banning abortion in all circumstances…

  27. Great. So now the predictive abilities of physical science are going to be smeared in the public square with the failed predictions of the political scientists. As posted earlier…. “ Poll data should only be assumed to reflect the potential future behavior of polled individuals who have a phone, are civil enough to answer their phone, civil enough to hear out a stranger’s request for information, confident or gullible enough to trust a pollster, available at the times that the polls were taken, did or did not have caller I.D., and who are truthful, Poll data will not necessarily reflect events that have taken place since the poll was conducted. Poll data will not necessarily reflect the opinions of people who were not available to be polled because they were at political gatherings consolidating political power and support for their candidate.”

    Next time we want to gauge the political direction of the nation, we might as well just ping S.N. as trust in phone polls. We know that most of Murka is science and reason deficient based on data from studies far more rigorous than last minute phone polls, and the nation’s election choice certainly seems consistent with that. The Neanderthals have been very very unhappy for a number of years. Now they get to have all three branches of government to play with! It should be fun!
    Perhaps the take away here might be for us to remember to be suspicious of results that we really really want to believe until we have looked at the data 29 ways from election day.
    We are, after all, of the science tribe, eh?

    So we now live in a much more interesting environment than we lived in yesterday. And we hate to be bored! How fortunate for us!


  28. I don’t know what the final popular vote will be, but right now it is almost dead even– perhaps a (very) small lead for HRC.

    Maybe as the science crowd we should dispense with grand generalizations about “the USA did this” and “you’re all insane fools, how could you do this to the world”.

    There was better turnout among the racists and traditional gender role people than there was among those towards whom the racism and misogyny is directed. There were votes for third-party candidates, which may have tipped the balance in some States.

    But half of those who voted for the major candidates voted for HRC and against Trump. This is hardly a mandate for anything, and the outcome does not define the US.

    What is a terrible outcome is that what I hypothesized some time ago as the Republican strategy basically worked.

    They held on to the Senate.

    They used Trump to do that, and they would have been perfectly OK with HRC winning by a slim margin, since they could still control SCOTUS and block progress.

    Maybe it’s time the Democrats decided that the Republican long-term, bottom up, local, strategy is the only way to change the direction of the country. Even though it is a long-shot, a unified effort for 2018 is essential.

    If your are serious about climate and other concerns, please, enough with “the revolution”. The people who turned out, however disappointed they may be when the wall doesn’t get built and the jobs don’t come back, will not join a movement from the left that embraces liberal values.

    What this election has ensured is that future candidates will be centrists and probably White Male, for a very long time.

  29. Unbelievable.

    I voted for Gary Johnson, thinking Minnesota was going to crush Trump – and Clinton and Trump are almost tied in Minnesota.

    From the very beginning I thought Trump had no shot.

    No shot in the primary and no shot in the general.

    I was wrong.

    The polls were wrong.

    Nate Silver was wrong (but still gave Trump the biggest shot at 1 in 3)

    My totally personal opinion on these results.

    Obamacare was a disaster and it really impacted the election results. People had to lock in their 2017 health care plans and the sticker shock was epic. I know families who are paying 22000 in annual premiums (next year) with a family plan out of pocket of $13,100. Wow. That had to be part of this election result.

    The national debt and spending less is obviously more important than most talking heads thought. People want the government to spend what it takes in and not keep adding to the national debt.

    It seems that people are not in favour of being the world police and really want to pull back on foreign spending.

    People don’t like being called racist when they are for legal immigration – not illegal immigration.

    Maybe people don’t like being called homophobic for wanting girls to use the girls room and boys to use the boys room?

    This was historic – and the elected officials (the old congress) and the media should give some serious thought to what happened.

    P.S. Polling is obviously not working. My guess is that caller id and cell phones (no land line) is producing a group of people who answer pollsters who are just not representative.

  30. The rural jurors might well have elected Trump even if Bernie had run against him. Its done.

    So we know have the fascinating horror of watching what threatens to be a world class slo mo train wreck. And we are on the train. How entertaining is that? Been bored with slow steady growth and progress? Forget about it! You are now entering der vaterland! Homeland forever! This is definitely going to get very interesting. Chris Christie in the administration! Revenge! Payback!

    How bad will things get? Heh heh! Stay effing tuned baby! The white folks got their backs against the wall and they did what most anybody would do in that spot.

    We have at least two years of Neanderthalism ahead, though it may stretch to two millennium. Hopefully there are enough moderating and buffering forces in our government to prevent total chaos and anarachy. But there is not a lot of gentility or intelligence there any more so it is going to be….. very very interesting. Stay tuned!

  31. Well, it will be interesting to see what wrong things all sides take away from this.

    Here’s what I think, FWIW: Trump is in the process of being normalized by the right, and America is becoming more fantasist than realist.

  32. The outcome of the American President elections of November 8, 2016 does not surprise me. It is in concordance with what I feared to happen. The result of these elections is bitter for earth. What it teaches, is the lesson what happens if the natural twin laws of mutual respect, mutual safety and togetherness of all people without any form of discrimination in the sense of the declaration of human rights and fundamental freedoms (UN 1948) are constantly being breached by states, politicians, institutions, peoples, citizens and companies. In this case: arrogance of American democrats and hardball of American republicans, soaked in disgust and hate, without mutual understanding is a social recipe for a wild soup of big clutches and crashes. Politicians, commentaries, predictions and polls all failed to mention this. It’s time for a real catharsis. What will happen next? Mr. Donald Trump is now President elect for as he says all Americans, but at the same time, as he said in the same stream of consciousness on occasion of his victor’s speech this early morning, in the first place for America and its Americans from whatever walk of life, color and descent. That can be considered as constructive, if he means a non discriminating society and state for all and with all. But he also said to double the economic growth. Planet earth however cannot endure that. Mr. Trump is a self declared climate science denier. Not growth can be the goal but a social just production and distribution of goods which the world can produce and distribute safely over all people. That’s not the same as deleting state borders, but has to be based upon international treaties, holding standards of proper cooperation and distribution in each state between people and in international commerce. We have to see what comes next: the real election of Mr. Trump as President by the electors? His inauguration? Lots of things can happen as the USA elections for President on Tuesday 8 November 2016 have proved. We will watch. Laren NH, Wednesday 9 November 2016, 15:25 PM Dutch time.

  33. #76

    Well, the dog finally caught the garbage truck.
    Now what?

    Ha. Same as with Brexit. They had – and still have – not a clue what to do. So far all we have seen is a very rapid walking back of the more egregious lies peddled by the Leave campaign but f-all more substantive than that. Just ‘Brexit means Brexit’ which means nothing at all.

    Dogs can’t drive.

  34. RickA – you’re wrong about just about everything so no surprise there. You and your fellow precious snowflakes (anyone voting 3rd party because….Hillary) are in large part responsible for this mess. You own it if you didn’t vote for her and as a result you have earned the unrelenting disgust of the the rest of the world. We may have just lost all hope of stopping climate change – hope you and our ilk are happy with that – your descendants won’t be thanking you

  35. The US should now be considered a rogue nuclear nation no different (except much deadlier) than North Korea as far as the rest of the world is concerned.

  36. Doug:

    I preferred Trump over Hillary – so if I hadn’t voted Gary Johnson, I would have voted Trump.

    But yes – I own my vote.

    As do all who voted.

    But I do expect the democrats to blame third party candidates.

    Perhaps they nominated the wrong person?

  37. “I preferred Trump”

    Given that you two share the same

    * ignorance of science
    * lack of respect for the truth
    * authoritarian/near fascist views on society
    * general lack of integrity and honesty

    your statement is certainly not a surprise.

  38. I made the comment earlier today (not here) that anyone who is not a white male needs to be very concerned for their rights under Trump and Pence.

    Someone responded: “You’re a white male. Why do you care?”

    (could have been rickA, for all I know). That response is the entire fucking problem with trump voters, encapsulated in one comment from a massive dick.

  39. And, my son, just out of college with a job and no debt, had 3 people today send him messages that the country is tired of people “like him” coming here to take jobs from Americans.

    He is adopted. From Korea. He came to us when he was 3 months old.

    Those are the kind of worthless pieces of shit people rickA and others like him represent.

  40. Trump: “Making America Hate Again!”

    He’s going to rename the Republican Party to be the American Nazi Party.

    Today would be a good day: The anniversary of Kristalnacht.

  41. I had several FB friends who supported Trump, post memes that essentially said “No matter who wins we all need to pull together and get past all the hate that this election has caused” or something to that effect, and I was onboard with “LIKE- That’s a great idea, I’m onboard!”.
    But that was BEFORE he won, and it looked like he was likely to lose. Today, however, some of those same people are putting up snarky memes (I’m sure you’ve seen them) that are rubbing it in the face of Clinton supporters, and bemoaning the ‘fact’ that Obama will be preemptively pardoning Hillary for her crimes against humanity.
    Stay classy!

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