James Comey’s Last Day at the FBI: November 9th

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You all know what James Comey did. He sent a letter to Congress that will undoubtedly serve to change the vote distribution among the leasing candidates for president enough to possibly change the outcome of the United States election of the President of the United States.

Such an act is treasonous, and had a private citizen, especially a brown one or one with “Hussain” in his name, done something to affect the election to this degree, the FBI would be on that citizen like ugly on an ape. But, James Comey is the head of the FBI, he’s white, male, and a Republican. Also, there is an argument that could be made that he had to send this letter.

The argument that he should of is fallacious. The only reason to have done so is that he, James Comey, can not be seen as having done something more wrong (as opposed to less wrong) in the final analysis of the Clinton Email Tragicomedy. So, it was an utterly selfish act on his part, and does not excuse him. Indeed, it makes what he did worse.

President Obama will be fully justified in relieving Director Comey of his duties. People at his level of government have been asked to resign for less. But, since Comey’s act serves to hurt the Democratic candidate, the one President Obama has been stumping for, he can’t do that before the election.

And that is why November 9th will be James Comey’s last day in public service. Then, he can go and write his book.

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8 thoughts on “James Comey’s Last Day at the FBI: November 9th

  1. They’re not called Rethuglicans and liberturds by rational people for nothing. There’s no low they will not sink to to maintain the status quo. Crawling under a pregnant ant? No problem.

    Zero empathy for their fellow human travellers.

  2. In Greg’s topic ‘The Presidential Race Tightens Even As Many Assu…” earlier this morning I made the following remark, read question: “A nightmare scenario might unfold itself, f you are not vigilant in these conditions. I ask you: Who is responsible for the war on e-mails? In the wording of Amnesty International: Words are deeds, they can kill. In this case e-mails and the opening of the lid of the bottle holding those e-mails. First we had the Trump-tape, now we have a revival of Clintons e-mailia. Not coincidental. I have to think of another saying of Amnesty International from Dutch poet Jana Beranová : If nobody listens to no one, death may fall instead of words’. From: a poster of Amnesty International, 1975. Also printed in Geen hemel zo hoog, (No sky so high), Bussum Agathon 1983. This enlightening thought might be very appropriate in a time like this. Is this overdramatic? I hope so, but we will see.” In that tpic some ssothening remarks were replied, but in this new topic, Greg who quicker than sound, treats us with this new very revealing topic, with a first answer on the mentioned question.
    I would suggest to you that if a head of the FBI makes a move like throwing in the battlefield of Presidential elections new e-mailia (a word I constructed based on conjunction of e-mails with the Latin word for ‘bad’ (‘malus’ or malia, as used in the Latin sentence ‘et alia mala quae contraria sunt deo’, this is ‘other things not in concordance with Gods liking’, just like things as an atombombs, landmines, the pollution of the atmosphere and oceans to mention a few ) of this time Mrs. Clinton, we are speaking about a well orchestrated deed.
    Mr Comey is clown nor fool. It’s not a comedy he is playing. It is a willful act, an act on purpose, which weighs a lot in for instances judicial procedures, whether they be penal or civil by nature.
    It’s mistake, nor deed made unwillingly and by accident, falling in the category of ‘sorry, but shit happens’.
    If I would be sitting President I would have sought it out drastically. mayby even under pursponing the coming elections November 8, 2016.
    Maybe there must come a federal USA law under which all Presidential candidates must be scrutinized carefully and completely on forehand about there behavior, and life conduct.
    Maybe it is time for a new law putting heavy conditions before one can make him/ of herself as a candidate for office for all people whow ants tot work for s state of the Union and for the USA. In the Netherlands one needs a clearance of good behavior before one can be admitted as candidate for functions like becoming a solicitor, mayor of minster.
    The USA elections show that people who would´t have gotten a declaration of good behavior in the Netherlands for things like becoming major or minister, can become president in the USA. Note well the most important World Leader of this era. Netherlands, Laren NH, Sunday 30 October 2016, 13.44 PM, Dutch time.

  3. For much the same reasons I think Obama will fire Comey (whom he appointed in the first place) rather than leaving it to the next president. Maybe not as early as November 9th, but before Thanksgiving. This is a sharp clear lesson that *must* be sent to his successors in this powerful, sensitive and nonpartisan post.

  4. Magma, I was actually thinking on the 8th, in the evening, the moment the last polls close. But then I remembered Hawaii.

  5. Boy, it’s a good thing the Bush administration didn’t use private email servers, or (unlike Clinton) delete mails contra to US law. Just think how our news media would be crucifying THEM.


  6. Greg, you needn’t go back that far… Bush jr destroyed 22 million emails, and had administration people using public email servers for government business.

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