Basic Standards of Human Decency vs. Donald Trump

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First, Michele Obama’s full speech earlier today:

You know two news outlets have produced confirming evidence of actual sexual assault by Donald Trump. So, naturally, Trump intends to sue.

But, this from Media Matters:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s threats to The New York Times for reporting allegations that he committed sexual assault are legally far-fetched and provide a troubling portrait of how a Trump administration would handle the press, according to experts interviewed by Media Matters.

Several experts tell Media Matters his latest threats of legal action against the Times are further evidence of what would likely be a problematic relationship between the press and Trump if he were to be elected president.

“It just confirms how difficult he would be with the press and how he would view the press as an enemy,” George Freeman, Media Law Resource Center executive director and former New York Times assistant legal counsel, said about the latest attack. “It would be a very contentious relationship in all probability, particularly in that his whole character is built on beating up anyone who attacks him.”

Freeman of the Media Law Resource Center called the legal claim “a pure loser.”

“I think it’s all bluster,” he said. “But it’s not surprising given that he is always threatening litigation. As a presidential candidate, he would have to prove actual malice. … It seems to me it would be virtually impossible for Trump to even come close to showing the Times had serious doubts about the claims of groping when the women seem so credible and it was confirmed and substantiated by many other people they had spoken to.”

Read more about that here.

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6 thoughts on “Basic Standards of Human Decency vs. Donald Trump

  1. I have to say, from an outsiders perspective

    Michelle Obama is about the singular most impressive thing about the USA at the present time

    Personally I think she is fantastic and embodies all that is great about the US

  2. The double standard on the left is incredible. What is decent about the Obamas having rap artists at the White House who talk about “bitches and ‘ho’s”? And, of course when Bill was having oral sex in the Oval Room (and lied that he didn’t)) the press told us it was no big deal – it’s just about sex.
    All this is a diversion from the real issues: Obamacare failure, poor economy and open borders that will threaten our security.

  3. Jill, we can add a list of deplorable things that the Cheney-Bush administration did that’s 10x as long as your list… (Including actually causing the deaths of 100,000+ innocent people.)

    But tell us, what do the shortcomings of various prior administrations have to do with “the real issues” of THIS election, namely, the incredible list of reason why Donald Trump should NEVER be considered for ANY public office by ANYONE?

    Best stick to the subject of THIS election, not elections past.

    (BTW, Jill, you may not have noticed while you were frothing, but the economy has been growing steadily under Obama’s guidance since 2009, following those disastrous right-wing economic policies under Cheney-Bush — even with a malicious anti-American do-nothing Congress trying everything they can to hinder him.)

  4. Jill, before you get all upset, the fact that they Obamas have those opinions tells me (IMO) that they have shitty taste in music. But — they (and I, and most adults) are able to distinguish between “art” and real life. Trump is actively saying that sexual assault is his right, because he is a “celebrity”. If the women who have come forward are to be believed (and, if you believe the women who accuse Bill Clinton, you have to believe these women or your outrage isn’t worth crap) Trump actually carried out such assaults. Expressing outrage towards the Obamas and Bill Clinton, but not toward Trump, shows a huge amount of hypocrisy on your part.

    Finally: don’t come back with the “But look at what Hillary said about the woman Bill carried on with” bullshit unless you repeat the stuff Trump himself said about them, and quote him saying ‘Bill is the victim in this.’ – his comment from the late 90s.

    You exhibit the largest flaw in the anti-Hillary group: you are so lazy that you repeat things that are either insignificant, or meaningless, or, most often, flat out lies. If you would do a little work (there is the problem, I realize) you could find many serious issues to object to and give as concerns.

    I won’t hold my breath that you’ll do that.

  5. … Not to mention that one of the women accusing him now has already filled a legal statement on court where she said that anything that happened between herself and Bill Clinton was purely consensual.

    Think about that: If she’s reversing her story now (because she’s maybe being paid by Trump?) then she’s admitting that she committed perjury earlier. Why would she commit perjury.. to defend Clinton? But that’s even stranger… Why not continue to defend him now? Payoff? Did she lie then, or is she lying now? Who could trust her? No one! Ever!

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