#Deplorables. Baskets of them.

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Ignorant hateful white men who worship a rising fascist dictator look like this.

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8 thoughts on “#Deplorables. Baskets of them.

  1. For “touch guys” who proclaim it good to “speak plain”, they sure to get pissed off when someone “speaks plain” to them.

  2. Clintons only mistake with “baskets of deplorables” was she underestimated – by this point it’s really 100%.

  3. I’m curious whose video got deleted now. I always find it curious that every single time I read a trump supporter retort it’s either trying to show an example of left wing violence or they say the Republican Party is the party of Lincoln and Democrats were the party of the south. These are false equivalences.

  4. For a lot of Trump supporters “deplorable” is really too nice a thing to say about them and gives them too much credit and esteem. A lot of what they should be called is probably unprintable -at least in the mainstream news media.

  5. @4.Douglas C Alder : Yep. I like the way she admitted her mistake was saying “half” of them!

    Word “deplorable” is also too fancy for them – and the disturbing thing is how many of them there are. Plus how many like him are exploiting the instability, fear and grim tidings around the world from Pauline Hanson in Oz, the Brexiters in England , the racist right in Europe, Duturte in the Phillipines, ad nauseam. The world has been down this Fascist street road before. We should have remember where it leads and that that’s nowhere good at all.

  6. Yes, and then there’s the venerable deceased Senator Byrd and his youthful indiscretions, they’re fond of bringing that up. Kind of like Hillary’s Goldwater girl youth (though that’s a Berniebuster/Stein thing). Why do people expect youngsters to emerge fully formed from the head of Zeus? We grow up, some of us.

    “At least Robert Byrd apologized. What’s your excuse, David Duke?”

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