Happy Labor Day. Who’s Not Doing Their Job?

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Laborers generally do their jobs, because if they don’t they get fired. But there are entire professions where people are not doing their jobs and the rest of us suffer.

Jacob Wetterling was abducted and murdered two and a half decades ago. The guy who did it was known to the cops then, and he had done things like this before, and those thinks were known about. There are all kinds of reasons they should have busted him even before Jacob was murdered, but they weren’t doing their job. Turns out that when you look across the country and across decades, you can find FAR more examples of cops not doing their jobs, either being outsmarted or just being lazy or who knows what, than you can find example of them doing their jobs. This Labor Day is not for them.

The press. We all love the press, and respect the press, and wouldn’t know what to do with out the press, bla bla bla. But we now understand that the wars in Iraq would have likely been avoided had the press been doing its job then. The press is now grading Donald Trump on a curve, treating his presidency in such a way that it legitimizes racism and white supremacy. That is the press not doing the sacred job they seek reference for. I suspect that if you look across history you will find lots of great examples of the press doing a great job. But there will be more examples of the press falling down on the job. If the press was really doing its job with respect to Donald Trump, Trump would have been in prison decades ago. This Labor Day is not for them.

Weather reporters. So many of them have been for so long in denial of climate science, passing on doubt to the average American, using their position of trust to spread lies. We have had a harder time pushing people and institutions in the general direction of reality with respect to climate change because of weather reporters not doing their jobs. This Labor Day is not for them.

There are exceptions to all these cases. You know who you are, and you don’t need lip service from me. You are in the game already, criticizing your colleagues. Or should be. This labor day is for you, a little. But mostly it is for the people who have jobs that if they fail at, even a little, they get fired, demoted, or abused.

So here it is. An extra day off. Use it well. Do something fun. Then get back to work or you’re fired!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day. Who’s Not Doing Their Job?

  1. There is not enough funding for police officers in the USA to do their job. Police detectives resent being told where criminals are, where the evidence is, etc., by non-police. Take for example the woman who had her Kindle Readers stolen, and she used Amazon.com’s tracking mechanism to locate the thief, the thief’s house address and name: the victim gave up trying to get any police officer to visit the thief and recover the stolen items.

    Also recall how the police in Texas treated the murders of the O’hairs. They knew the murderer name, where (eventually) he lived, and where he hid the bodies— and they had no interest at all in the crimes.

  2. It is absolutely routine for the police to ignore perfectly good tracking information on stolen devices.

    Why? WHY??????

  3. The press is now grading Donald Trump on a curve, treating his presidency in such a way that it legitimizes racism and white supremacy.

    Presidency?! Yikes! Trump’s not there yet – & hopefully never will be but his candidacy if that’s the right word, yeah, definitely agree with you there.

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