A closer look at climate change. And denial. LOL.

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Seth Myers:

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9 thoughts on “A closer look at climate change. And denial. LOL.

  1. Outstanding, and disturbing that takedowns like this have been relatively infrequent on national broadcast media.

  2. Public companies have a legal fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders. I wonder if a law (every country) requiring them to treat climate change/global warming as an immediate fiduciary responsibility (something a carbon tax would accomplish, at least in part) – doing so would hopefully put them in a position where if they support denialist dunbdown tanks they would be neglecting that duty. or something along those lines.

  3. Doug, that would be a great way to prosecute them — and get back some of the cost of what they’re exporting onto the backs of the rest of us.

  4. Brainstorms – I’d like to see this as a UN treaty that every country signs onto that way the multinationals can’t escape but I’m not even close to being a lawyer so no idea if it is even possible. 🙂 We are discussing carbon taxes up here and my province BC already has revenue neutral carbon taxes but we need them nation wide and we need to stop subsidizing fossil fuel companies (http://www.desmog.ca/2016/08/30/b-c-climate-plan-subsidizes-fossil-fuels-yes-you-read-correctly this government needs to go).

  5. Trying to be funny about this topic isn’t easy, but it’s good that he made the attempt. I do find it amusing that the graphic they chose to represent climate change shows nuclear reactors spewing ~~steam~~ … not exactly the biggest culprit when it comes to fossil fuel emissions!

  6. Those might not be nuclear power plants! Coal plants can look like that too. Though, you are probably right, that is the iconic image of a nuclear power plant even if only some of them look like that.

  7. Still, it would have been more effective to show any one of the millions of images of actual coal plant smokestacks pouring particulate-laden streams of (radioactive) coal smoke into the skies…

  8. “Public companies have a legal fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders.”

    No, they don’t.

    The shareholders can leave. The employees have much less mobility, since their job is there.

    if incorporated, they have a duty to their charter FIRST.

    Then the customers. Without which, even if they produced cheap and high quality goods, they’d make no money.

    Then the workers, without which they have no goods to sell to customers.

    Then the management and shareholders.

    The BS about fiduciary duty is just done to excuse rampant greed.

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