Hurricane Agatha? Nope.

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Monday, June 6, 9:00 PM CT

Nope. For the second time in a row, what might have been a named Eastern Pacific tropical storm will probably never amount to more than a depression and a big wet spot in Mexico.

Monday, June 6, 2:00 PM CT

The first named tropical storm in the Eastern Pacific would be called “Agatha.” Rather suddenly, a disturbance in the region near Mexico has gotten itself organized, and the National Weather Service is saying that there is a 100% chance of this blob of weather turning into a named storm by the end of the day Wednesday.

We were all a bit shell shocked by Hurricane Patricia, which formed very quickly and ended up being one of the most powerful hurricanes in the region by some measures, last year. Patricia was very small, yet very strong, and it hit land. But, Patricia hit a relatively less populated region and ended up not being much of a problem.

I am not saying that this new disturbance, which may become Tropical Storm Agatha, is going to become a hurricane, or that it will be an interesting hurricane. But, it is an interesting blob of weather. You don’t see blobs of weather being designated as 100% likely to become a named storm so quickly very often.

Here’s the info from the NWS:

Updated: Recent satellite data indicate that the low pressure system
located about 250 miles southeast of Acapulco, Mexico has become a
tropical depression. Advisories will be initiated on this system
this afternoon, and tropical storm watches or warnings could be
required for a portion of the coast of southern Mexico.
* Formation chance through 48 hours…high…near 100 percent
* Formation chance through 5 days…high…near 100 percent

A different disturbance has been developing farther west, which could have become the first Eastern Pacific storm, but it never amounted to much.

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