Ft McMurray Fire and Climate Change: Michael Mann Comments

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This is a segment of The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann, in which climate scientist Professor Michael Mann provides important perspective on the link between climate change and other disasters such as tornadoes. (See also: The Meaning of the Fort McMurray Fire).

Michael Mann is the author of The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines, and Dire Predictions, 2nd Edition: Understanding Climate Change (a visually rich summary of the most recent IPCC report) as well as the forthcoming book combining climate science and political cartooning, The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial is Driving Us Crazy!.

For more information on the science showing the link between climate change and weather patterns, discussed in the video by Professor Mann, see these items:

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7 thoughts on “Ft McMurray Fire and Climate Change: Michael Mann Comments

  1. Since the fire season has barely begun, the months to follow will determine whether this Canadian burn will evolve into a holocaust rivaling the Siberian fires of 1915.

    Thus far only a few thousand square miles of Albert have been consumed by flames; estimates of the wilderness area burned in 1915 range from 140 thousand to upwards of a million square miles :

    Nature 323, 116 – 117 (11 September 1986);


  2. I’m a bit of a hobby researcher kind of guy here. Love science and also the bible. Was looking for any trace of that global flood and found something we all need to look into. The two say life was different, both say environment was changed. I have found many parallels in geology and biblical records. For now let’s leave bible out. but it does have the last word, the biggest clue we badly need. Learned about polar forests and polar animals that once lived in both ends. Some say there was more greenhouse gases that made a free ice earth at that time. They think the changes happened over long periods of time. Yet others tell us if temperatures increase it will be the next mass extinction event. Only in the polar areas do we find this changes. It is thought that in later times (Pliocene) the earth was warmer (THE SECRET OF ANTARTICA –VIDEO). This is where the contradiction lays. If CO2 increases do we life better and longer as the dinosaurs lived, happy and lush environments, or do we all die from extreme heat etc.
    If the bible is right, the kind of greenhouse environment needed for change the earth for the better does not now exist. The kind we will get from our CO2 we make today could very well kill us all just as they say. Just because the earth was once a paradise of lush plant and animal life, does not mean it could get back to that without divine help. There is where the answer to the contradiction lays – the bible.


    PS: Is it not possible Ft McMurray created their own micro-climate – more CO2 makes more heat in your own back yard before it does the same to your neighbor’s back yard.

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  4. Tony Clough, does “American Thinker” speak for you? Is that kind of extreme right wing propaganda supported by your reading of the Bible?

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