Ikono-fantastic podcasts in the works

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Mike Haubrich and I just taped an interview with space-robot expert and planetary geologist Emily Lakdawalla. Emily writes a blog at the Planetary Society, where she goes in depth on stuff that is happening in space, focusing on human-controlled robots on Mars, but covering a lot of other stuff too. The interview will be on Ikonokast in a day or two.

And we’ve arranged to interview Ethan Siegal of Starts with a Bang blog on Scienceblogs, and author of Beyond the Galaxy: How Humanity Looked Beyond Our Milky Way and Discovered the Entire Universe, in which I hope to ask him about this crazy Dark Matter theory which was clearly made up to explain all the bad data in the universe!

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  1. You mean the scienceblogs web page? Sounds crazy. I think they are working on optimizing things, maybe this is the pre-optimized behavior.

    What browser/OS/etc? I’ll pass that info on to our overlords.

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