The Nation Corrects Vox on Sanders Tax Hike

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A while back Vox produced a tax modeler that would tell you how your taxes would change with Sanders plan. It raised most people’s taxes by a few thousand dollars. But the modeling was misleading because the same plan would probably reduce health care costs for those same individuals.

I pointed that out back at the time but most of the response to me pointed out was the ridiculous recitation of completely wrong information (from both sides of the debate) so I dropped it because it really doesn’t matter. President Sanders or President Clinton would not produce any tax plans. Not their job.

Anyway, The Nation, which has gone all in with Bernie as I’m sure it should, came out with a counter modeler for taxes. so the Vox piece is here, The Nation’s piece is here.

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3 thoughts on “The Nation Corrects Vox on Sanders Tax Hike

  1. Right! Most ‘mericans can’t even do simple math and could care less about the future! Believing that a bomb from ISIS is terrifying but driving your car is safe! Is a good example of their math inability! Most people don’t realize the escalating costs of health care as they get older, so paying an extra $2000/yr at 20yrs old is terrible, but this would allow you to get $100000 worth of medical treatment at 70yrs old. The math is simple but no one does it!!!!! Especially when you think you will be dead by 60 because of all the drugs you used!!!

  2. Completely irrelevant.

    In a Bernie v Kasich (or even Cruz) general election, what would matter would be the ads:

    “Bernie is promising to take away your employer-provided health insurance, raise your taxes, and cut your compensation.”

    Completely True, unlike many Republican charges. And Bernie would lose massively.

    Remember Harry and Louise?

    It is magical thinking to argue about the merits of a plan that will never be implemented.

  3. L.Long check your math 🙂 If at age 20 you are paying an extra $2,000 per annum for insurance and do so for 50 years before requiring $100,000 worth of healthcare then you have already paid that $100,000 (50×2000) so no real benefit. You could have invested that money and reaped some interest/capital gains etc instead of letting some other entity get it. I’m all for single payer btw – being Canadian it’s saved my life on more than one occasion – I just think you need a better example 🙂

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