The Earth’s Surface Continues To Warm Because Of Human Greenhouse Gas Pollution

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Recently NASA GISS released the measurement of the Earth’s surface for January 2016. I added this latest measurement to the long term database (from 1880) and calculated the running 12 month average of surface temperatures. This is the resulting graph:


These are anomaly values, as indicated. January was the warmest month recorded in terms of anomaly, and it follows December 2015 as the previous warmest month. The top warmest anomalies in the entire NASA GISS database (going back to 1880) are listed below.Notice that all of these years are recent, and notice that the warmest and most recent months (from late 2015 through the present) are MUCH warmer than previously.

2016 JAN 113
2015 DEC 111
2015 OCT 106
2015 NOV 102
2007 JAN 95
2010 MAR 92
2002 MAR 90
2015 MAR 89
2014 SEP 89
1998 FEB 88
2010 APR 87
2015 FEB 86
2014 OCT 85
2014 MAY 85
2015 SEP 82
2015 JAN 81
2014 AUG 81
2013 NOV 80
2010 NOV 79
2005 OCT 79

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16 thoughts on “The Earth’s Surface Continues To Warm Because Of Human Greenhouse Gas Pollution

  1. “The Earthโ€™s Surface Continues To Warm Because Of Human Greenhouse Gas Pollution”

    It’s such a intelligent and witty remark. I never heard it before. Where did you get it from?

  2. Lars #6:

    I see that. However, I read that as degrees divided by 100.

    The graph appears to be showing multiplied by 100.

    So either the label should read degrees C * 100 or I am missing something really obvious (which is certainly possible).

  3. This is so sad! We have all the possibilities to help our planet and we still destroying it, instead.

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