Hip-Hop Artist Baba Brinkman Crowdfunding Climate Change Album

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I’m not sure what an “album” is, but I think it is like a CD.

Anyway, if you don’t know who Baba Brinkman is, check this out. (he previously produced “The Rap Guide to Evolution.”)

Then, head on over to the Indiegogo site to see his project. This is likely to be a go, with your help. He’s a fourth of the way there already, and he has a lot of fans and supporters. I have no doubt that this so-called “album” will be great.

Also by Baba Brinkman:

  • The Rap Guide to Religion
  • The Rap Guide to Evolution
  • The Rap Guide to Evolution: Revised [Explicit]
  • The Rap Canterbury Tales
  • The Rap Guide to Wilderness
  • The Rap Guide to Human Nature [Explicit]
  • Dead Poets
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    2 thoughts on “Hip-Hop Artist Baba Brinkman Crowdfunding Climate Change Album

    1. I have watched some his videos on youtube, not a hip hop guy, but love the positive vibes and truth of the matter this guy brings to the table..much love!!?

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