Best Of The Top Of The Science Stories Of 2015

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August Berkshire of Minnesota Atheists has organized an Atheist Talk radio show for tomorrow, Sunday Morning, in which various people will discuss many of the top science stories of 2015.

The idea is for each guest to take the Discover Magazine’s top 100 stories of 2015, pick a subset of ten, and have at them. Some subset of Brianne Bilyeu, August Berkshire, Maddy Love, and me will be on the show, but I think there may have been a cancellation, not sure who, other than that it wasn’t me who will not be there. Anyway, it will be an interesting show … what are the top stories, and why pick this story or that story instead of some other story?

For example, did August Berkshire pick his ten stories because he has free will? Or was there any research over the last year that suggests that free will is an illusion? Yes, there is a good chance we will be going meta on you.

Join us live at 9:00 AM Central time on the radio or listen to the podcast later.

UPDATE: The Podcast Is Here!

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3 thoughts on “Best Of The Top Of The Science Stories Of 2015

  1. I’m in no way objective here because I’ve been looking forward to it so long and loving it and marvelling at the superb images and information and wonders of it so much but for me, I’d absolutely say this has been the year of Pluto and the NewHorizons spacecraft’s flyby of my favourite little and yet so very extraordinary planet and its retinue of five plus moons. (More than our inner solar system combined let’s not forget. Plus its atmosphere and weather and geology and glaciers and mountains and more.)

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